Labor While There Is Light

I speak unto you this day and I say that you are to labor while there is still light, and although the darkness is approaching and encroaching, do not give up and take to flight. I do not call you to run and hide because of the darkness that is being made evident in these times. Rather, I want you to continue to declare Me as I am, that souls may hear and obey the call to come in, out of the destruction of darkness and into the Light.

When people are in darkness, they will be found stumbling about, unable to keep themselves in the pathway that I have intended for them to walk in. Be thankful that you are given the privilege to be co-laborers, and that as you remain under the Holy Spirit commands, you will not be found disappointed. Rather, you will be found uplifted and rejoicing that it is Me that you can look to in faith, hope, and trust each and every day.

Do not be as those who only want to criticize and they choose to take prey those who are struggling to find and serve Me. They do not offer to anyone the helping hand; they only are striving to get people to recognize their great bible knowledge and expertise. However, while they imagine that they have all the answers, they are Spirit haters and seek to discredit My Holy Spirit and undermine the workings and demonstrations of the same.

Be aware that such ones as these, who are vainly puffed up on pride and full of religious hypocrisy, are guilty of mocking and uttering blasphemies against My Spirit, and they will be judged according to the same. The day of their reckoning will not be a pleasant day at all. Rather, it will be a day of gloominess and sorrow, for they will be cast into hell. This is because they are in My sight guilty of the unpardonable sin: blasphemy against My Spirit.

When such ones are so blinded by their religious pride, they are drunk and become more and more intoxicated on their own powers as time progresses. Then, as they are so sure of their great knowledge, I will reveal to them that they are utter fools and their end is hell forever. Their torments in hell will never end, as they will hear their own religious deceits being replayed over and over, and the religious demons they believed will constantly mock them.

Be aware that there are endless men and some women who look only to make their careers out of what they assume to be their particular charms. They are not of Me, even though they use My name continuously and act as though they have it all together and are co-laborers with Me.

Know that their labors are in vain because they are not walking in humility nor in subjectivity to the mind of My Spirit. These ones are full of ambition and ever striving to achieve their career advancements and advantages of the same. They literally look to make their gain and their fame off of My kingdom and to grow fat and flourishing by participating in the same.

I warn you of such ones because the motives that people operate under are absolutely stupid, and when you see these ones doing “their own thing,” do not envy them, for their end will be bitter. I am not deceived by the crafty words of the charmers, who are really causing great harm inasmuch as they are deceivers and doing the works their demons demand. They do such things as bring attention to them, and they receive the glory. I do not call them to be exhibiting their own glory and using My name in vain.

What I have called you to do is to remain steadfast in your labors for Me and to do what I want of you with gladness, for you can see others come into My light, My love, and My life. I have intention to bring forth glorious outpourings of My Holy Spirit power throughout the earth, and I will use as My co-laborers those who are ready and willing to be used by Me for My purposes and not their own.

Therefore, be knowing of a surety that as you are adhering to Me, you will be enabled to be involved in the outpourings and participating in the goal to see souls redeemed. Stop and consider that those who are true to Me will not be ashamed to stand for My kingdom, and they will receive the rewards of the righteous.

In the great outpourings that I will bring, those who are seasoned laborers and the new converts will needs be united, for the persecution against them will be strong. However, such as will remain desirous of Me during such persecutions will not turn away, nor will they ever deny My Son. In fact, the persecution they undergo will strengthen the new converts and likewise cause the seasoned to become ever more fully aligned with the restoration revolution I am bringing forth.

I am showing of a surety that I reign supreme, and the restoration revolution is My move and not the religious shows of men. Therefore be thankful that you can participate and celebrate what My Spirit is doing in these times. Be glad that as you are continuing to believe in Me, so shall you as well as others receive of Me.

Do not be of doubtful disputation with My Spirit’s commands to you, but rather obey the same, and you will see how clearly I bring forth My light in these dark times. These will be days of dawning in the midst of darkness, as multitudes will come into the light and the same shall dawn in their lives.

Be thankful that you are not left in darkness to do My labors. While there is still light in the earth and life in you, do not retire or retreat. Be soldiers who are battle hardened and continuous in their commitment to My will for their lives. I have called and chosen you to be in active duty and be seeing with your own eyes the miracles and the mercies I pour forth on the needy.