No Thought for Future Generations

I speak unto you this day and I say that in these times there are so many who have come under the careless and senseless coverings of selfishness, and they have no thought for future generations. In fact, because of their choices, many of them will have no generations, for they have chosen to abort all of their offspring and live only for themselves and the here and now. Such ones as these, while wise in their own conceits, are ugly before Me, and I do not find pleasure in them whatsoever.

I do not intend for people to live only for themselves and to have no love for anyone else or even concern. When people will isolate themselves in self-centered lifestyles, they become capable of many evils, both in their thinking and in their deeds. This is because they become increasingly more and more captivated by demons, because they are right in their own eyes. That is, they see themselves as those who are capable of no wrong, and therefore they are justified in their selfishness and their lusts.

When such become involved in political or business maneuverings, their concerns will be only to line their own pockets and increase the luxurious living they are used to. This is because they are seeing themselves as above reproach and they are not willing to accept correction or instruction from anyone, and they believe therefore in themselves as the ultimate.

Basically, while they are sinking deeper and deeper into the pit of self-worship, they are actually becoming more unhappy by their isolated assurance of their own superiority. Over and over, they will repeat their mantras of self-worship and believe those empty words that add to their lonely and isolated existence in the prison house of self.

I never created people to be totally unconcerned and centered only on themselves. I have created people to be interactive and to realize that they are accountable not only for themselves but for others likewise. When people depart from Me and the standards I desire for them to live by, then they become involved in all manner of sins that are destructive.

To be extremely proud and arrogant as one recounts their own accomplishments is to be in delusion. In the drunkenness of pride, many sorrows can come to people because they are not seeing clearly, nor are they behaving in the standards of conduct that I intend for people. Because they are so sure of themselves and trust in their own abilities to accomplish, they do not consider the consequences of their selfish actions.

I do not want My people to behave in such ways, nor do I want them to keep company with the ones who are determined to do everything their way. This is because such ones are literally infectious in their self-centered worlds and cause selfishness to be spread unto others.

If you stop and consider, it is Me who has brought you forth in the way that I have for you to walk in, and it is Me who wants you to adhere to Me with trust and obedience. You are intended to be in continual fellowship with My Spirit. When you are willing to be subject to the mind of My Spirit over your own carnal mind, you will not be susceptible to the delusions and drunkenness of pride. By adhering to what My Spirit speaks, you are kept clean and able to go in the way that I intend for you and be strengthened each day in Me.

I did not create humanity for them to live in isolation and separation from Me; I created them to live in the power of My presence and to understand fully why it is important that they pay heed to Me in all that they do. The more that you are adhering to Me, the more that your eyes are opened to discern between good and evil.

I do not want you to trust in your carnal mind, for the same is in friendship with the devil and his demons, and when you trust yourselves, you are very likely to be easily deceived. If you make it your daily habit to be in subjectivity to My Spirit, you will not end in the prison house of self, nor will you be in the delusional drunkenness of pride. My Spirit is ever present to correct you and admonish you if you will listen and obey. Therefore, you will be guided into the way of truth and shown My light upon the path.

Be glad that you can be concerned with future generations and not isolate yourselves from them. This is because I want My people to be in godly fellowship with others who are redeemed and thankful to be so. Do not believe that the devil and his demons will ever lead you in the way that I intend. They will lead you in the way of destruction and death, and the end of their leading is damnation and hell forever. When My Spirit leads you, it is in the way that is life, light, and love, and will take you on the pathway to heaven.

Be glad that it is Me that you can serve and obey, for I do not want you to serve self, nor do I want you to be in obedience to destroying demons. When you are willing to accept accountability and responsibility, you will be aware that your choices affect not only you but others as well, including future generations.

I am bringing Spirit outpourings, and as they come, be rejoicing, for I will release those who are imprisoned in loneliness and bring them into the sweetness of divine fellowship. Do not be jealous or resentful when I reach out to those who are locked in their various cells of darkness. Be thankful that I have mercy on them and want them in the divine love family. Be willing to share with those who are hungry the bread of life that I give you.