Deluge of Holy Spirit Outpourings

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who is in charge of the outpourings of My Spirit, and when I determine to move, there is no man nor nation who can stop the same. This is because I take great pleasure when people all around the world are receptive to the message of salvation through repentance unto Jesus My Son, for then I break the dams of resistance and send forth the deluge of My Holy Spirit upon them.

These are times of great opposition to Me, My Son, and the Holy Spirit. My true people, My true prophets, are being refused, abused, and falsely accused by those who are workers of darkness. The resistance against the truth is increasing daily, and those who are driven and possessed by demons are demonstrating the insanity of demonic dominion. The mockers and the scoffers see themselves as invincible and equipped to force Me to bow to them and see their sovereignty.

However, I am not mocked, and I will not be subject to the stupidity of those who are ruled by pride and blinded in their vain conceit. Because they are living in darkness and have come under spiritual blindness, they stumble and make erratic moves of despotism in their lust for power and riches. Yet, they will only end in heaps of ruination, for I will bring them down, and they will be exposed as the total and complete fools they are.

This is My time for the release of great outpourings of My Holy Spirit, and wherever people are hungry, there I will show forth the magnificence and the power of My purposes for humanity.

I do not want people to remain locked under the insanity of those who are demon inspired and directed; I want them to be set free to follow Me and be members of My kingdom. Therefore do not be hasty to turn aside and follow folly or the fools who are promoting the same. Keep steadfast and not veering off the straight and narrow way that I have intended for those who will be welcomed into My kingdom.

This is the time that I am casting the nets in the sea of iniquity where many are floundering, drowning, and dying in their sins. In that net there will be abundance of those who will be spared from death by drowning in sin, to be given new life and the pattern to live by. Such ones will not be ashamed of the mercies they have received, for they will be well aware of the miseries they were bound in.

When the world is full of darkness as you are seeing in these times, it is Me the Living God who will shine forth in great, glorious, and shining light that will prove just how great and glorious is My kingdom. It is Me who is the Creator, and I created people with the predisposition to worship and pay reverence to Me.

I did not create them to bow to idols, nor to be the subjects of the devil and his demonically inspired leaders of church and state. Therefore I am not intimidated by mere men, and when I turn loose the deluge, they will see that **I am the great I AM, and what I do, none can stop!

Do not grow weary and complain how long must this madness go on. Rather live your days in expectation and celebration that you are redeemed and have the Holy Spirit power ever in you. Make use of the rich inheritance you have been given and see that I am available to you right now and that it is My joy to see My united believers exercising in My power.

I do not intend for you to be concluding who is worthy or who is not, for you are not the ones to judge. Simply move with the flow of My Spirit. The ones who are real in their conversions and convictions will shine forth, for they will desire the light to reside in their hearts and lives.

I do not call you to be religiously or politically aligned and become prejudiced by boundaries and be attempting to orchestrate the outpourings of My Spirit. I call you to have only the desire to see My power and glory revealed in a sin-sick and dying world where millions are being swept up into the waves of the sea of iniquity, drowning in the filthy waters of death.

Keeping this in mind, realize how important it is that you move in cooperation and leave the orchestration to Me. I do not call men and women to be in control, for they are not gods. I call people to be in subjectivity to Me and to be thankful to serve Me in the attitude of gratitude each and every day.

This day, do not turn to any other god, nor look to the powers of men and assume you are meant to bow to such, for these are not intended to rule over you. You are intended to hear the clarion call of My Spirit and obey the commands and dictates given by the Spirit and not be fearfully cringing under the demands of demonic despotic damned leaders.

Be knowing of a surety that I will pour forth in purity, and those who want the waters of life will be enabled to drink freely of the same. No longer will they be poisoned by the filthy and polluted waters of death, for it is My time and by My power, and through the destruction of the dams that have attempted to stop Me and My people, so shall the deluge of the living waters come forth.

This is the time to rejoice as never before because it is Me the Living God who will prove over and over that no man, woman, or religious or political power can stop Me in My campaign. Remember I am the Eternal God. There never has been, nor will there ever be any who is equal to Me. Do not live in fear; grab hold of faith and trust in Me, for the flood waters of filth will be stayed and the deluge of living waters shall rush in and make clean.