The Eternal Light

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be thankful that you have been given the privilege to be the children of the light. I do not want My people who were once in darkness to ever return to the same and likewise be devoured by demon forces.

You are living in times when there are vast multitudes who are living daily in the darkness and the horrors of the same. They do not for the most part want to come out of that darkness, because their deeds are evil and they are trusting in that which is wickedness. They do not know the joy that I give to the ones who are walking uprightly with Me. Rather, their lives are full of fear, trouble, anxiety, and anguish. They do not know what it is to walk in the eternal light that I provide, because they are full of the wickedness of their own ways.

I created men and women to walk in the eternal light which brings them joy and peace in their souls. I do not intend for people to be living in the false securities that the devil and his demons offer them, nor do I want people to go the ways of the world, for the same is emptiness and vanity. I want those who are My people to be coming forth knowing the power that is in the eternal light that is only found in Me.

Be aware that of all the gods, there is none who gives forth the true, shining, everlasting, eternal light. It is only Me, the Living God who has created heaven and earth, who is able to call men and women unto Me and show to them the infinite mercies that can be theirs if they repent and follow the Son. Just as the sun in the sky gives forth its shining, so does My light continue to shine in the lives of those who are wanting to have that light.

If you stop and consider, it is very hard to be in continual darkness, for there is no way to keep from tripping, falling, and getting caught in snares and traps. I do not want you to be trapped; I want you to be set free and thereby enabled to come forth knowing exactly how much I care for you.

You are living in times when people have been so scarred and scared by the darkness they have lived in that they are desperately in need of My miracles. The miracles that I provide are supernatural and not engineered by greedy and clever men who are making shows in order to gain riches. It is Me the Living God who is able to do the things that are impossible with men, and by My powers, the miraculous shall be displayed to those who are needy.

I do not defraud people as do those who are out for their own gain and their own fame. Nor do I promise people that they will live in some sort of euphoric delusion whereby their lives will be perfect. No, I test and try people in their journey on this earth, and I desire them to be partakers of My mercies which enable them to fulfill My plan for their lives.

Those who are respecting and honoring Me and following in the way of eternal light will know how good it is to look to Jesus as their pattern. They will not be of the “independent mind” that causes people to rebel against Me. Rather, they will desire to be under the mind of the Holy Spirit and they will come forth under the protection of the same.

I do not call you, nor do I intend for you to be in unhealthy competition with the world, for they are full of vileness and deceit. Those who want to achieve the same goals as do the ungodly are being misguided and will end up ungodly themselves, headed to damnation.

You are not meant to be concerned with how the world does things, for they are operating under darkness, and you are to be found under My light. Therefore do not allow the deceptions of the world to entice and entangle you into the wickedness, the sin-sickness, and the delusions of the same. Keep your vision and your commitment clear, that is, upon Me, and do not turn aside to that which I have not intended for you.

It is My pleasure to see you actively pursuing the course of pleasing Me, for you will find peace in the same. Do not be envying the world or their ways of doing things, for they do not find the eternal light and they pursue their own destruction. If you take a look at where this world is headed, it is into destruction and damnation, and to be envious of that is to be a fool.

You are not meant to be fools; you are meant to be wise by adhering to Me and coming forth in the way that I intend and provide for you. Therefore, in these times of gross wickedness, be glad that you do not have to partake of the very things that bring you down. Rather, you can maintain your faithfulness and fidelity to Me and walk in the eternal light that is full of life and love. Those who are obediently following the commands of My Spirit will be spared many troubles because they are being divinely guided and kept from the wanton wickedness of the world.

When you look at the dullness and darkness that is so deadening, be thankful that you are not a part of the same. The growing numbers of desolated souls who are helpless, homeless, and hopeless is a sign of how absurd it is to trust in the world and its so-called wisdom. Likewise, it reflects the delusion and disappointment that come upon people who are adhering to the leaders who are insistent on leading the people into indecency, profanity, and insanity.

There truly is no hope in the remedies of mankind. The only true and lasting remedy for the maladies of sin-sickness is to come into the eternal light and to follow Jesus as the pattern Son. Adhere to the commands of My Spirit and keep the same with gladness that you are in the eternal light.