The Time for Action

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be steadily listening to and following the commands of My Spirit that you do not miss the time for action when I desire the same. There are multitudes who have listened carefully, then become distracted by their circumstances or by the world around them and they miss My time for action. Such as these are as the foolish virgins, inasmuch as they are not fully prepared nor equipped for the action that I desire of them.

Be aware that in the history of My people I sent My prophets to declare when the time for action was at hand, that those who were in rule would mobilize and go into the defense or offense against their enemies. I never intended for My prophets to be unwilling, as was Jonah, to obey My commands. I intended to take destructive action against Nineveh, and I wanted them to be forewarned so that they would repent. When Jonah was directed after his chastisement, he obeyed, and the rulers paid heed to the words of warning that he delivered to them.

I have never meant for those who are Mine to be without direction, yet many times they are, because they go a whoring from Me. However, when those who are My messengers will remain true to Me, they will be advised by My Spirit when it is My time for action, and they will likewise declare to the leaders what it is that I desire.

Yet, not all leaders want to hear what I intend and desire for them to do. Because of their pride and stubbornness, they refuse to listen to My messengers and consequently they lead My people into rebellion and rejection of My will. Consequently, the people are found in misery and suffering because of those leaders who refuse to listen and obey.

In these times of troubles unlimited, multitudes are wandering in desolation and despair because they do not know which way to go nor who to follow. This is a time that I am sending forth My prophets and My messengers to declare boldly My will, yet the leaders in religion, politics, as well as finances will not listen and by their refusals, they bring down misery upon the multitudes rather than mercy.

People fail to realize that when I created humankind it was not with the intent that they would be continually sinning and suffering because of their sins. Humans were created by Me for Me and not for themselves or for the devil and his demons to control. Yet, because of the refusal of Adam and Eve to pay heed to My words of instruction and walk with Me, then sin came in through the beguiling of the serpent, and they fell from fellowship with Me. Consequently, they were banished from the Garden of Eden because of their sins of disobedience, and they left mercy and entered into misery.

Because of their choices, all future generations were affected by their actions, and people were no longer born into harmony with Me. Rather, they were born into rebellion against Me, and only by My mercy were they even allowed to live on this earth. Of course, their lives were not as Adam and Eve had known in the Garden, and they had to earn their daily food by their own hard labors.

So it is now, that the choices people make with respect of listening or not listening to Me are going to affect others, either for good or for evil. When leaders are insane through pride as they are in these times, know that they are not making choices for good. This is because they have allowed themselves to be covered by demons, and those demons motivate them and command them to do and to choose evil. Then it is the people who are under such leadership who will suffer, and misery is the course of life.

Therefore be ever alert to pay heed to what My Spirit is directing you to do, and do not disobey the commands that are given to you by the Spirit, for the words of the Spirit are very important to keeping you in the way of obedience that I have prepared for My people.

Do not allow the enemy to convince you that it is permissible for you to do as you please, when you please, and that you will be found acceptable to Me. Such deceptions will lead you into delusion, and the end of delusion will be damnation because you followed the demon voices rather than My Spirit’s voice.

The reality is that the warfare is ever present for the souls of humankind, and if you will be found in the company of the redeemed, then you must hear and obey the commands of My Spirit. You are not intended to accept serpentine suggestions that will take you into separation from Me and My will for your lives. You are meant to keep alert, ready for action as My Spirit leads you onward in your mission for My kingdom.

This is the time that My Spirit is being sent forth to declare to and through My messengers the call to repent and do battle in the spirit dimension against the forces of darkness that instigate demonic control. I did not create people to be ruled by demons. I created people to be ruled by Me and by the leaders I raise up to govern over them.

When the evil are in rule, of course the people suffer all around the world, and deprivation and starvation are ever present. Likewise, earthquakes, volcanoes, and storms on land and sea become more and more rapid and unpredictable by men. Therefore, suffering and hardship are increased, and misery is the cup people drink.

Repent and proclaim repentance wherever you can, that people can be restored to Me and know the joy of My mercy rather than the misery of rebellion.