The Plague of Murderous Madness

I speak unto you this day and I say that you are living in times of murderous madness, when murders are commonplace and increasing daily. Over and over, reports come forth of absolute horrid crimes of murder with mutilation, murder without premeditation, mass murder, and murder of loved ones.

All of these murders are symbolic of the total destruction that has been brought about, with no respect remaining for human lives. With the advent and acceptance of infanticide and abortion as simple as a “take at home” murder pill, the whole nation is covered in the blood of innocents, and still, the campaign of murderous madness goes forward.

Those who are thoroughly yielded to the devil and his demons will stop at nothing to demonstrate their powers of darkness, as the murderers are not punished. Without boundaries and without borders, the nation has become a free-for-all for every demonic power that wants to invade and assault the people who have forsaken Me and gone a whoring after the world.

Inasmuch as people have completely rejected My way, they have gone mad with their lust for the forbidden and are steeped in violence and bloodshed. Even in games and recreations for children, the increase of murder without motive or purpose can be detected as woven in the fiber of the same.

No longer do people even have to be with a motive for murder, because the demons who control them can trigger them in a moment of rage and hatred. Such emotions can be and obviously are controlled by demon powers that will come upon people suddenly, and without Me they have no conscience left to resist the murderous madness that arises within them.

Inasmuch as many people are drifting on the sea of iniquity without anchor for their souls, they just completely give way to their overwhelming urges. Consequently, they heed the message to “just do it,” but what they do is not constructive. Rather, what they do is totally destructive, and they do not have conscience over the crimes they commit under demonic control.

How is it that such waves of rage and hatred can so possess people to the point where they erupt in mass murders and are fully justified in their own minds for the bloodshed they bring forth? Likewise, many of these mass murderers then turn on themselves and include themselves in the list of the dead, as they commit suicide.

When people have chosen to reject My standard as the anchor of their lives, they become open to every demonic force that chooses to invade them, and they are powerless to resist, while masses are swept up into the way of progressive mentalities. Failing to examine the consequences of immorality and insanity, they yield to the same.

It has never been My intention that murderous madness would be the vogue or mode of behavior that becomes more and more commonplace. Yet it is evident that the plague of murderous madness is sweeping over the land in waves, and no one is attempting to prevent or stop this plague.

While people are involved vicariously in the sex exploits of politicians, they are failing to see the bloodbath that is taking place all around them. Children and youth are totally alienated from their parents and loved ones as they hide themselves in the dirty, nasty world of the techno devices. No longer is respect and honor named among them, for such are antiquated and outdated, without purpose for the present.

As people are deluded to believe they are progressively entering into “a better world, the new world order,” they are literally entering into the entanglements that take them to hell. The demonic forces of delusion are working overtime to consume any and all who are susceptible to their devices of deceit.

Gone are the days of soberness and security in a nation based on My principles and commandments of behavior. No longer is it necessary to walk in righteousness and respect, for they are “old school” and need to be trampled. The more that lawlessness and godlessness prevail, the more that murderous madness sweeps in to destroy and devastate human lives without justification or motive.

As long as people are proud and arrogant, they are definitely deceiving themselves to the extent of total extinction, because the motivations of demons that demand death are ever present. If people do not humble themselves and cry out to Me, the plague of murderous madness will continue to increase and devour human lives.

Stop and consider the absolute insanity of leaders who invite into the nation mass invasion of murderous gangs of destroyers, who have only their own greed and power lust in mind. While stupid and deceived politicians believe they will gain voters by their invitations to invaders to come in unstopped, it is not true, for these politicians are in their progressive agendas aiding and abetting the criminals who are killing home-born citizens without cause, then they proceed to steal from their victims anything of value and move on to the next ones. These invaders are infested with demons that are strange to existing law enforcement, and they have no understanding of how to deal with such ones.

Be aware that I do not want you to be involved with such idiocy and the fools who are advocating the plague of murderous madness. These stupid power-hungry fools will themselves find that they, their families, and their friends are not safe from the invasion they have instigated. The plague of murderous madness is becoming more and more evident. It cannot be stopped by men or medicine. The only cure is national repentance to Me.