Who Are You Committed To?

I speak unto you this day and I ask you: Who are you committed to? There are in these times vast multitudes who are committed to all manner of idols that are demonic forces who are holding them in captivity. Those who are worshiping idols are blinded by their choices, and in that blindness they are continually bowing to the sins that make them slaves.

They do not have the power to resist sin, and therefore they are bound in the chains of captivity and cannot free themselves. The confusion of their delusion is evident. They cry out to the demons they are committed to and expect to be set free. However, they are not freed, for the idols they call out to cannot hear, for they are dumb, and their cries are left unanswered.

Then there are others who are committed to themselves, and it is the god of “self” they serve day and night. They do everything in order to please self, yet self is never satisfied, because the self they serve is under the control of demons. These ones, while they put on an outward display of having it all together, are inwardly miserable, because they cannot find satisfaction in their commitments to falsity and vanity.

I do not want My people to imagine that they can be committed to two or more masters, for I am jealous after My people and I desire them to follow Me and walk in the way that I provide for them. My people are not meant to be absorbing themselves in those things that I have not intended for them. Instead, they are meant to be coming forth in the way that is righteousness and will reflect the light, the love, and the life that are found in My kingdom.

As you well know, those who are advocating the kingdom of darkness are imagining that they are fully in control, but they are not. The truth is that while they are trusting in their own powers to prevail, they will not, because it is Me the Living God who will bring them down and cause them to be destroyed by the very demons who have helped them in their evil agendas. I will mock the mockers and I will scoff the scoffers who have been so foolish as to follow insanity and find that their end is damnation of soul and hell forever and ever.

There is no way that the wicked can go on as they imagine, for they are fickle and unfaithful, even to each other. While they put on a face of solidarity, they are not together but are actually destroying one another as they are full of jealousy, envy, and pride. Each one is committed to gaining for themselves riches, reputation, and satisfaction of the lusts of the flesh. Sad to say, no matter how committed to “the cause of collapse” they are, these ones will be shown up to be fools as they collapse.

Be aware that it is Me the Living God who despises those who are determined in their commitments to evil and set out to fulfill the devil’s continual agenda to kill, steal, and destroy. History itself will prove that over and over that peoples, tribes, and nations have been brought down to ruination because they lived in abomination and I destroyed them.

Those who are so drunk on pride as to imagine that they can be gods in this earth and even rule the whole world are of course fools set for destruction. While they are under the influence and control of the demons who have them in captivity, they are being set up for their own ruination and devastation. Therefore do not be fearful in these times when tyrants are terrorizing vast multitudes with their proud boasts and arrogant words, for they will not remain in their positions of power as they imagine.

When those who are true believers will unite and pray for the devastation and destruction of these crooked and criminal conquerors to collapse, I will hear and answer. I will show that I am indeed the God of wrath, fury, and indignation, and vengeance is Mine. I will bring forth My retributive justice and cause those who are determined and destined by their commitments to darkness to be completely done away with.

With these truths in your minds, do not be caught up in the power of Media and her minions, for they love to see people cringing in fear and unable to find peace. The tormentors that come through the world’s news love to see people left in desolation and desperation, because their delight is to bring people down into the clutches of despair whereby they want to die. Why is this so prevailing? It is because people have refused to be committed to Me, and by their own choices they are choosing to be losing.

When any people, tribe, or nation rejects Me and rebels against righteousness, it is inevitable that they open the doors to demonic invasion. The invaders have absolutely no respect for the traditions of righteousness and will trample the same and bring in the progressive destruction and ruination they intend. When invasion transpires and the majority refuse to resist such forces, those who do so will find themselves engulfed in the insanity and immorality that comes through the invaders.

Realize that the powers of darkness that are ruling over this land have purposely brought in invaders in order to effectuate their agendas. However, they will be shocked to find that the very invaders they have invited will not be controlled by them. The commitment of the invaders is not to the dumb hosts who called for them; the commitment of the invaders is to conquer. Keep single in your commitments to Me, and you will be kept by Me.