Do Not Look or Turn Back

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not be so foolish as to look back to your former captivity and imagine that you had it good in the same. You are opening the door to delusion that will cause you to turn back and be taken captive by the very forces of darkness that had you bound. Know that I do not want you to be bound and unable to free yourselves from captivity because you looked and turned back.

The reality is that the warfare has not ended, and the enemies are clever in the devices that they use to cause you to be entangled in their webs of deception. They will use anything or anybody that they can to cause you to become enslaved and entangled in the delusions that cause damnation to your souls.

I do not want you to be lured into those habitations that will bring you down into the realms of the damned, when you are meant to dwell in the company of the redeemed. If you will truly stop and consider what it is that I do for you, I do good things every single day, and I give you mercies and not miseries as the world’s people undergo.

Therefore, the reality is that you are intended to be thankful that I have freed you to follow Me, and you are not meant to be the servant of those who are choosing against Me. I want you to be serving those who are in the family of the redeemed and showing forth My mercies to them rather than giving My treasures to swine.

Be aware that you are to bear witness to the sinners who are damned and to let them see the light that I have put within you shine forth. However, you are not to become so involved with those who refuse to yield their lives to Me that you become tainted by the relationship you have with them.

Those who are determined to maintain their independence from Me are fools, and they attempt to bring others under their coverings of resistance. Whenever My people become closely involved with such ones, they too will start resisting Me and rebelling against the commands of My Spirit.

Why do I give to My people the Holy Spirit? It is that they would be guided in the way that I intend and not end in the miseries of the rebellious. However, when the ones who are Mine will choose any other way that the way that I intend, they open themselves up to be influenced by demon spirits.

Not all demon spirits will come exposed for what they are, for they are clever in their deceptions and enticements whereby they are able to deceive any and all who come under their enchantments and enticements. The ways of death are many, and all who choose for any of such ways can expect that they are going to be separated from true fellowship and relationship with Me and My true people because of their choices.

Do not look back and return to the captivity that you were bound in because you have accepted the enticements and entanglements so cleverly offered to you. Instead, be aggressive against all of those things that want to see you turn back and no longer follow Me.

I do not call you to be in the company of those who must have control or else they are full of distress and out to get you to trust them. You are not meant to be in alliance and reliance with people who will not trust Me! Be aware that I have freed you to follow Me and to keep single in your vision, and that is upon Me and My purpose for your lives.

If you really consider that when you were in the lifestyle of captivity had you died in your sins, you would now be burning in hell. Why should you return to the lifestyle of captivity because you look then turn back to the same and be found bound for hell?

I do not want you to be impulsive and thereby taken over by imaginations and delusions. It is not your job to appease people and come under their control. It is your job to serve Me and to keep your commitments and your vows to Me for the rest of your lives on earth.

When you are sold out for Me, the power of conviction will be your covering, for your commitment to Me will affect others. On the other side, when you are doubleminded and have allegiances to those who are not absolute in their commitments to Me, then the witness you give is not true.

Jesus did not keep His allegiance with His family in the flesh; He kept His allegiance with My will and with the ones who heard His words and obeyed. He did not look back and remember the “good times of family fellowship.” He looked forward to completing My will and purpose.

So it is with the ones who will be true disciples. They are not meant to be caught up in the cruel cares of this life, nor are they meant to want the approval of carnal men and women who are determined to have their way above Me and never be yielded to My desire.

Do not allow yourselves to lose your fire for My will and My kingdom by associations with the self-determined and self-reliant. Realize that you are meant to keep letting the light shine forth and declaring the necessity to adhere to Me in order to be in the revolution for righteousness.

Be glad even this day that you do not have to please people, including those who were close associates in your former lives. You are not meant to look back and turn back and lose your souls. You are intended to do My will and to keep company with those who are likewise committed to Me. Bad company will corrupt your commitment to Me. Stay away from those who cause you to stray by their inward rebellion against Me.