Keep Confidently Trusting in Me

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God that you are meant to keep your trust and confidence in at all times. You are living in times when evil men are threatening to blow up the whole world and take control of the rubble they gain from their treachery.

However, remember this: that I am the One who is greater than all men and their power schemes. I do not want you to be found in fear and terror over the threats, the plots, and the schemes of those who are determined to put to death any and all who oppose them in their madness and obvious insanity.

My promise to My people is simply this: that I am the One who is well able to keep those who will keep their vision single to Me and know that I am who I say that I am. Do not let the demon forces grab hold of you to cause you to live in fear and dread every day of your lives.

If you consider the misery that fear can bring to you, do not yield to fear. Rather be confident in Me and keep your faith and trust stayed upon Me, for I am the One you are meant to believe in every single day. Do not by any means allow the wickedness of the wicked to intimidate you, for vengeance belongs to Me.

I want you to call to remembrance all that the wicked have sought to do against you in your lives, then know that you are not intended to be fearful of their threats, for I am with you always. I do not intend for you to be troubled by the ranting and roaring of the wizards of wickedness; I want you to be constantly consulting Me and walking under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Remember I am your rock of refuge, I am your high tower of strength and safety, and I am present with you at all times. Do not look to men as the ones you can trust. You cannot put your dependency upon them, for they may speak great words of love to you, while their hearts are far from you. Therefore do not look to what men and women can do for you, because the same will prove to be disappointing and you will find no refuge in them.

Remember that people are not gods, and even the ones possessed by demons who are deluded to believe themselves to be equal to or superior to Me are plainly deceived. Therefore do not build your house on shifting sands, for the same will crumble. Build your house on Me, because you are co-laborers with Me in what I have chosen you to do.

The more that you keep trusting confidently in Me, the more that you will be receiving the infinite mercies that I have for those who are looking to Me as the One they believe in. There is no reason to grow depressed and give into self-pity when men make promises to you then fail to keep those promises and do not remain faithful to My intentions for their lives.

When people are looking to their carnal riches as their securities, they will find that they do not have security at all. I can cause the great wealth of those who are confident in money to become totally devastated and destroyed, and they are left destitute and desolate because of their misplaced confidence and trust.

Whenever a person or persons make vows and covenants as My Spirit would move upon them, I expect them to keep such vows. However, if they back out of their promises, they are the ones who actually suffer from their decisions of unfaithfulness, and I cannot trust them to keep their promises.

Therefore do not look at what it is that others want to do either for you or against you, for the same will cause you emotional ups and downs that will prove to be heaviness to your souls. Instead, keep your faith where it belongs, and that is in Me, for there is no reason to believe the lies of the demon forces and be taken into the realms of despair. There is every reason to rest assured that you will be constantly kept as you remain steadfast in Me and absorbed in what I ask you to do.

I do not give My people any assignments or missions then leave them to flounder and to do without. No, I always provide and protect those who know Me as the One they trust. When you are not fearing for your own lives and your own safety, you will know that I am the One who is most important to you. Then, whether you remain on this earth or are taken to heaven, I am with you and I will position you where I intend.

If you meditate on the lives of early believers who pioneered in the New Testament promises of a better kingdom awaiting them, they endured hardships and troubles at all times. Yet the pressure of their circumstances and the hatred levied against them caused them to give their all for My purposes and not look to be comfortable in their lives on earth.

You are not found at this point living in caves, nor are you seeing your comrades boiled in oil or their bodies under continual torture and subject to starvation. The truth is that you are meant to keep your trust and confidence in Me and not be troubled when men prove to be faulty and faithless. You were never saved by men, nor protected by their promises which they failed to keep. You have until even this very day been kept by Me and seen My mercies extended to you even in circumstances and situations that were miserable.

Therefore be ever trusting that you do not need to be caught up in the demonic throes of fear, dread, doubt, and unbelief. You are not to be looking at what I ask of you as dreadful and impossible; you are meant to believe and receive of Me, for I give to you the hope that keeps you moving in faith.

Be glad and not sad when I give the assignment to you. Remember I have given My angels charge over you to assist you. Likewise, My Spirit will guide you.