Do You Have the Habit?

I speak unto you this day and I ask you: Do you have the habit of listening to and obeying the commandments that I give to you through My Holy Spirit? It is common knowledge that people easily pick up and act out their daily habits, and I desire that My people would make it their habit to obey Me and be persistent in their faith and trust in Me, for I alone am their God. I want to be able to trust My people as those who are true to Me and follow the directives that My Holy Spirit gives to them as they seek His counsel.

There are in these times people who are giving themselves over to habits that are destructive, and by such habits they become demonically driven and live to satisfy the habits that have taken them captive. In fact, there are many in these times who have become so habitually addicted to doing deeds of darkness, they actually cannot escape the prison houses of sin they are in.

I do not want those who are claiming to love Me to be found under the covering of demon spirits and taking up habits of destruction. Those who are Mine need to cultivate the habits that are pleasing to Me and will cause them to increase in their faith. The more that My people make their confession of My goodness and mercy, the more that they will be uplifted and guided forth in the same.

Over and over, people go after those things that are delusional, and when they do, then they are not able to be found in the mercy I have for them. Then they are partaking habitually of the misery that comes as a consequence of delusion and confusion, whereby they pick up and practice habits that bring death instead of life.

As My people, be consistent and persistent in the habits that will cause you to want to obey Me and serve Me with all of your hearts. Make time every day to do what I want you to do and not what you want to do. The more that you are purposed for Me, the more that you will see that My Spirit is ever with you to give you the guidance that you need. You are not left to wander aimlessly and hopelessly as so many are in these times of lawlessness and disrespect for Me.

Because of the evil coverings that people take on, they will become increasingly more prone to bad habits and will actually crave and long for the things that are killing them and preparing them to be damned. If you will stop and consider how utterly useless it is to cultivate bad habits, do not be found in such stupidity. When My Spirit reveals to you a habit or habits that you have that are offensive to Me, turn from those habits and choose for life rather than death.

It is actually not difficult to break the power of sin through bad habits if you come before Jesus as your deliverer and ask His forgiveness for the sins that control you. When you realize that you can have the demons that drive you to bad habits cast out, then go for it. That is, do not hesitate to rid yourselves of the demonic forces that have kept you in captivity and bondage.

Damning and demanding demons have taken complete control over multitudes to the extent that they are doing deeds of horrible and total wickedness. These are the consequence of the habits they are bound by. Over and over, the stories are told of those who have done such wickedness that no one can figure out why. The wickedness comes because these ones are in the habit of listening to the voices of demons and being driven mad by the same.

Not everyone who is controlled by demon powers is like Legion, who was totally possessed and driven to insane behaviors. However, they are just as enslaved, but their slavery is more hidden and their habits are horrible. The truth is that I do not want My people to be under the control of habits of destruction. I want My people to be controlled by My Spirit that will lead them into the habits that I want them to live in.

Consider that if a person is addicted to substances, they become angry if they are not able to secure such as satisfy their habits. This is because such habits are ruled by demons who love to make slaves of people and see them in the misery that their habits cause them. Do not think that demons are kind in their power over people. They are not. Demons are as their master, the devil, and they have the same agenda: to kill, steal, and destroy.

Therefore do not be shocked when you hear of or see for yourselves how corrupt and criminal people become under the habits of death that are ruling in these times. Endless multitudes end up dead from overindulgence in the habits they are bound in, and people wonder why. The answer is simple: They took up the habit or habits that were motivated by demons rather than choosing for the habit of serving Me and believing the commands of the Holy Spirit.

Be thankful that you can have the Holy Spirit commands and obey the same, for therein is found the way I have for you. There is in the times that you live in a constant and continuing war for the souls of humanity. The devil and his demonic forces are working full time to sweep people up into the habits of insanity, obscenity, perversity, and perpetual disobedience.

Do not be found listening to demonic voices and taking up the habits they offer to you. Realize they are liars sent to deceive and destroy. Take up the truth and come forth made glad that it is Me that you can serve with the habit of continuing faith and trust in Me. Partake persistently of My Word, walk in My Spirit, and cultivate with complete obedience the habit of serving with all of your dedication upon Me.