The Lord of the Hoard

I speak unto you this day and I would ask you: Who is the Lord of the hoard that you keep in possession? It is Me the Living God, who in the times of old advised those who were listening to Me and seeking My face to actually store up a hoard, for there would be great drought.

In times of drought, people were not able to grow their grain to sufficient amounts to live on the same. Consequently, there was starvation and famine that came about, and many died as a consequence of such disasters.

However, there are others who stored up and stored up, and established themselves abundance here on earth. These ones were not under the direction of My Holy Spirit; they were under the spirits of greed, and they worshiped their own accomplishments. When such ones as these died, they had nothing to brag about, for they had stored their hoard in barns and needed bigger barns. Yet they were destitute before Me because they had no treasures in heaven, and all they had hoarded on earth did them no good.

I never intended for people to store up according to their own understanding and for their own gain. There have been and still are those who have accumulated their hoards only to make profit off of others who are without, and when times are hard, to release their hoard at high prices to those who have no such supplies. These ones are only hoarding to make great gain off of the poor and to make their riches increase by outrageous profits, causing many to be hungry and hurting.

I do not bless those who choose to be selfish and greedy in their accumulation and abundance, because they will face Me with nothing and find that hell is their future, as they are poor and wretched before Me. I do not pity them as the “rich men” revealed to be poor. Rather, I judge them according to their greed.

Be aware that to be keeping a reserve under the command of My Spirit is not evil. However, the evil enters when people are having the hoard and remaining as the lord over the same. That is, they are not allowing Me to dictate to them what they are to do with their increase. Instead, they are guilty of hoarding up for their own benefit and without respect or regard for My intention for their increase.

Those who are claiming to be Mine yet are not putting their spending and their hoarding under My scrutiny are doing so because they want to be in control. The reality is that I am meant to be in control, and I want My people to seek My face with respect of their riches. There are those who are able to make gain and are good at their business endeavors, yet, if they have kept the control of their reserve and not put the same in subjectivity to Me, they are not at all well pleasing to Me.

I desire that My people would seek to please me. Whether they be rich in this world or poor, it is important that they do not store up for themselves but according to the mind of My Spirit. Therefore, be aware that if you have abundance, you are meant to submit that abundance to the scrutiny of My Spirit rather than live in spending on yourselves and being driven by lust for more and more luxury.

Realize that it is Me the Living God who is in control, and the more that you understand that, the more that you will not want to be exhibiting your riches, nor will you want to be keeping a hoard only for yourselves as you have been living off of others while storing up the hoard for you to keep control of.

I want My people to realize that freely they have received and freely they are meant to give, because I am their provision and their protection. I do not want those who are Mine to be as the fools in their folly who live in luxury and waste their lives in overindulgence of their fleshly lusts. Be thankful even this day that you are not meant to be storing up great reserves on this earth while you have nothing stored in heaven.

Another shame that is evident in these times is the horrendous amounts of monies, men, and materials that go into the wars that are popping up on every hand. These wars are motivated by violent and blood-thirsty leaders who are looking for gain and power.

There are demon possessed leaders who are purposely draining their own nations while attempting to play god over the whole earth. They want to be recognized for their false human compassion, and in the same they are supplying the evil forces with the weaponry and finances, even manpower to continue in their wars.

They do not have respect or concern for the nations they are meant to be ruling and protecting. Instead, they make erratic and erroneous edicts of insanity, and justify the same because they see themselves as kings and queens of compassion. They are not that at all, and while they are betraying the people who support them, they are supplying the very enemies who will likewise invade and destroy them in due time.

Be aware that riches are indeed deceptive, and as My people, you are not meant to put your trust and your confidence in the same. You are to keep your vision single unto Me and know that I am the One who wants you to abandon your control and let My Spirit be in control.

Do not be driven by lust for the things of this world that are corrupted. Rather seek to let Me be the Lord of the hoard that you have. Then, such will be blessed by Me and used for My kingdom purposes rather than carnal overindulgence. Do not live only for you; rather live for Me and My desires and intentions.