Come Out of Pain and Into Praise

I speak unto you this day and I say that when people, both male and female, will yield themselves to harlotry, they will reap in destitution, for I do not give favor to those who are full of harlotry, which is idolatry. Those who are yielding themselves over to playing the harlot are in actuality very disturbing to Me, for they are going in the way whereby they prove their infidelity.

Know that those who choose to pursue the ways of the world are pursuing that which is empty before Me, and are taking the course of their own destitution because I will withdraw My mercy from them. In reality, those who prostitute themselves to make gain will be found in the emptiness and despair of their choices. This is because there is no lasting reward nor relationship that is established, and those who are Mine who give way to harlotry are plunging themselves into the futility of idolatry.

So many times in the history of My people of old, they proved themselves to be unfaithful and played the harlot on Me. The reward that they received was destitution and desperation, because I withdrew My protection and provision from them and they no longer flourished in My goodness. Because of their choices, they took themselves down into ruination and frustration. So it is now, that when any people who have known Me, as well as the nations who have served Me, choose to depart from Me, they lose out, and misery becomes their cup.

I do not want My people to be in such desolation and abomination as they will end in if they play the whore on Me. Never have I intended for My people to turn to the world. I have intended for My people to be satisfied with My mercies and be glad to receive the same repeatedly.

Therefore, in this wicked and perverse generation, when vast multitudes are covered by insanity, indecency, and infidelity, remember that you are Mine. I am jealous after My people, and when they choose to go after the ways of the world as they play the whore, they do not reap in mercy; they reap in misery.

There are multitudes who have known Me and have turned aside to follow after the ways of the world, imagining that they will do better under the covering of the world than they have done under Me. However, their cup will be filled to overflowing with bitterness, sorrow, fear, anguish, and terror, because they have chosen the same.

Those who give way to unbelief and trust in the world more than Me are fools in My sight, and I do not bless them, nor protect them in their folly. So, they find themselves without the prosperity they imagined would be theirs if they prostituted themselves to the world. Rather, they find destitution of soul, and even in the natural sense, for they are left to flounder and face the reward of their choices.

I expect and require that My people remain true to Me no matter what they may experience in this world. I have not chosen My people to be in opposition to Me; I have intended for them to walk uprightly and to serve Me in dedication and consecration all of their days.

As you look at the endless numbers who are joining the vast army of wanderers who are a plague within the nation, many of them have played the whore on Me, and their destitution is the consequence of the same. They live their lives as the walking dead, everyday facing the misery of homelessness, hopelessness, and helplessness. Inasmuch as they made their choices according to pride, they are reaping the empty rewards that are meant for them, and by the same they are without the treasures they thought to gain.

Know that whenever people sell their souls to the world for security and safety, they are fools who could easily die in their folly. There is no safety nor security in the world of whores. Those who play the harlot are oftentimes found dead at the very hands of those they sold themselves unto.

It is no new thing what is transpiring in these days. You are living in times of destitution and desperation of soul, and many throughout the world are under great distress. This is because of their choices or the choices of insane, despotic leaders who are consumed of pride and power lust.

So it is that suffering is commonplace, and lives without purpose are what people face day after day. Truly, the whole world is lying in darkness because of the choices for lies rather than truth, and the misconception that is found in deception is increasing to bring people and nations into captivity. This day, be thankful that you do not need to pursue the course of harlotry and find futility and insanity awaiting you.

I do not call you to give in to the enticements and enchantments that the devil and his demons use to seduce and entangle people in the webs of deception. There are actually people who are so enchanted that they worship spiders, because they themselves are trapped in webs of deception and desperation. Because they live in such miseries, they want others to join them in the same misery that they have chosen, because they are recruiting for damnation.

You as My people are not meant to recruit for damnation; you are called to recruit people for salvation so that they can partake of the healing, deliverance, security, and safety that I give. Those who are true to Me will be true witnesses of the superiority of My kingdom, for it is the kingdom of light, love, and life, and all who choose the same will be blessed.

Those who are recruited and are true disciples will in turn declare to others the goodness that comes of serving Me and no longer bowing to idols. Those who love their adultery and their idolatry will perish in their deceptions.