I Am the Shelter

I speak unto you this day and I say that I am the One who will provide My shelter to those who will cry out to Me and come under My covering. Such will be protected from the storms that are raging. Be aware that these are times of turbulence, trouble, and terror, inasmuch as people have chosen to depart from Me and My standards of conduct.

Because of choosing the covering of demonic powers, the whole world is in troubles they cannot resolve. There are continuing wars and rumors of wars; there are famines, earthquakes, storms at sea and on land. The earth is crying out under the burden of sins that have been committed upon her. The creation is groaning as unheard-of plagues are being unleashed.

In such times, be aware that there is great need to be under the covering of the shelter that I provide. However, it is only too obvious that multitudes are rejecting My shelter and are being devastated by the storms at hand. I do not want My people to be devastated and brought to ruination; I want them to be kept through the troubles of these times and be a living testimony as to the mercies I provide.

When the times are as they are now, it is only the foolish who will choose in opposition to Me and be taken over by demon powers. Those who are foolish are proud and full of conceited conclusions as to how great they are and how able they are to protect themselves. Yet, these same ones will oftentimes end up in total ruination because they are choosing the way of damnation rather than the way of salvation.

When any person becomes saved by believing upon Jesus as their Savior and Lord and asking for His forgiveness for their sins, they are meant to be sheltered under My covering. However, some are wayward and careless and refuse to partake of the covering that is available to them. These ones are shallow and do not take root as they should. Instead, they are yielded to the iniquities that abound and are swept away in the rages of insanity and indecency that are sweeping over the nations.

I have never intended for those who come to My Son to so easily lose their salvation by yielding to the vileness and wickedness that present themselves as enticing. I want My people to remain under My shelter and to come forth ever guided, directed, and commanded by My Spirit.

There is constant war being fought in the spirit dimension, and those who will learn to listen to My Spirit’s directives will be kept and come forth victorious. Those who trust in their own abilities are not able to survive and are oftentimes recaptured by the very enemies Christ died to free them from.

However, these captives are under captivity because they were trusting falsely in themselves. They did not approach their salvation journey in neediness and humility. Instead, they kept the old proud and arrogant attitudes they had previously operated under. It is My desire and intention that when people are born again, they are born realizing that it is My kingdom they are now the citizens of and that they would behave as those who are taught and trained by My Spirit.

With this in thought and action, do not respond to pride and take on the coverings of the same, for pride is deadly and has caused many a fool to die prematurely in their folly. Resist the coaxing of pride and the temptation to yield to the same. Know that you are not meant to be found imprisoned again once you have been set free. Therefore do not be easily roused to react to the attempts of the demonic forces to entice and enchant you back into the web of deception whereby you do not have the shelter that I provide.

It is up to each one who receives the seed of eternal life what they will do with the same. Those who are serving daily in the attitude of gratitude will find that they are being sheltered from the dreadful details of everlasting torments that want to possess and overpower them. When My people are keeping the attitude of gratitude, they are being shown over and over just how evil the workings of pride are, and they will resist the beckoning of pride.

The leaders of nations in these times are full of pride and contempt for Me and My standards of righteousness that I want people to walk by. These leaders use their powers, their monies, and their control to convince the whole world to succumb to the agendas of wickedness and become more beastly by the day. Mass demonstrations of insanity, indecency, and iniquity are being orchestrated by rich men who imagine themselves to be gods when really, they are mere men who are proud and arrogant.

Know, however, that these deceived fools will be brought down in My timing, and all of their efforts will fall to the ground. The more that the wicked are boasting in their wickedness, the greater will be their punishment and torment in hell. All of the evils that they sought to bring forth will be visited on them, and they will not be able to escape or buy their way out of what is their just reward.

When I the Living God do release My wrath, fury, and indignation against those who are “lying wonders,” they will be totally consumed of the very evil they have plotted. Their doom is inevitable, and they will be forever screaming, crying, begging to be released as they are cursing Me in their captivity.

However, there is no release for them, as they are proven to be added to the list of the demented damned who remain in the prison houses of hell and bitter torments forever. How much better it is to resist and refute pride and remain in the humility mindset of subjectivity to Me and be kept protected under the shelter I provide.