Can You Abandon Fully?

I speak unto you this day and I ask you: Can you abandon fully unto Me and let Me have your lives to use as I please? There are many who claim that it is Me that they love, that it is Me that they serve, but they do not. This is because they are busy serving themselves and their own ambitions, goals, desires, and lusts. While they may put on a religious show, inside they are fearful of abandoning fully unto Me. This is because they trust in their own understanding more than they trust in the mind of My Spirit.

It is My intention that those who are claiming that they are Mine would be fully surrendered, leaving their lives in My hands to do with as I please, not pulling back and withholding themselves. As was established by the pattern and example of My Son Jesus, those who will be His true disciples are the ones who will follow in His steps and walk the way that He walked.

My people are not meant to have their eyes on the world and desiring the attention and recognition of the same. My people are meant to keep their vision single, that is, upon Me, and to come forth in the image and likeness of My Son. When people are attempting to be their own protection and their own provision, they cut themselves off from the abundance that I had in preparation for them had they abandoned themselves fully to Me.

Do not be as the stubborn and proud who put on religious displays, and yet they are not yielded to following My Spirit. These maintain their independence, and by the same, are full of inward mistrust and unbelief in Me. They listen to demonic spirits and follow the ways of the world and pretend that it is Me they are serving, but they are serving other masters.

I do not want My people to worship idols. Especially dangerous are the idols of self-esteem, self-realization, and self-centered love, because these idols have caused many to lose their souls. There is no way that anyone can protect and preserve themselves when I allow them to be assailed fully by demonic powers. Those who are so self-confident are literally preferring to be confident in themselves rather than to abandon fully to Me. Those who keep their trust in self are trusting in a fool, for self is the old nature, and the end of such is corruption and damnation.

I never intended, nor do I intend now for My people to be under the darkness that covers the world at this time. Because of the pride that people have allowed themselves to wallow in, they are very assured of their own capabilities, and even if they are totally incompetent, they imagine that they are superheroes.

This is a time when delusion and confusion are infecting multitudes, and insanity and indecency are rampant and raging as an uncontrollable plague. I do not call you to be under the covering of pride, nor to adapt to the morality of the wicked. I have called My people to be separated and consecrated unto Me as the One True God they love and serve.

Therefore keep yourselves in the mindset of abandonment to Me, and follow the directives that are available to you through My Spirit. As you are accepting the covering of My Spirit, you will not end in the idolatry of self, nor will you be committed to the insane and indecent rulers of these times. Inasmuch as you are abandoned fully unto Me, you will see that My Spirit will guide you even when you do not have the slightest idea where the Spirit is leading you.

In actuality, to follow the directives and commands of My Spirit and to let go of your “independent mind” is a great privilege, because you will be found in the company of the redeemed, rejoicing in Me. Do not take on the prejudice of pride, for the same is deadly. Multitudes have accepted the guidance of demon powers to the extent that they are found bound in confusion and chained in captivity.

You will see people who are full of pride and prejudice and believe that they can behave in all manner of criminality and corruption because of their pride. They assume that it is up to them to punish those who are different than they are. They are vindicating the assumed oppression of their ancestors.

However, in their false assumptions, they have abandoned fully to infidelity, insanity, and indecency. Because of their own choices, they are headed down the road to hell, without any way to stop themselves. No longer do they have inward restraints, because they are yielded to demon powers and are possessed by demon powers.

Over and over, they are proven to be wrong, unjust, and wicked, yet they will not and cannot humble themselves and retire from their positions of power and pride. Therefore, it is inevitable that the very demonic spirits that empower them to corruption will likewise keep them as captives to pride and prejudice and cause them to be damned.

Do not flirt, nor play with the god of self, for the same idol has caused endless multitudes to end in hell, and they shall never be freed of their captivity and punishment. Pride, independence, and unbelief are damning, and those who take on such coverings are fools who love their folly. However, know that they will face their day of reckoning, and in the same they will be overwhelmed as they see that the demonic powers they assumed were doing them good were actually their destroyers.

Remember, the agenda of the devil and his demons remains the same: kill, steal, and destroy. Do not assume that you must follow such folly. You are not intended to go in the way of fools; you are intended to be abandoned fully to My Spirit guidance.