Cannot I Regather when I Please?

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not limit Me and what I am able to do, for when I the Living God do regather and heal those have been broken, I can do what no person can do. While people may seek for worldly counselors to heal them of their wounds, be aware that they cannot heal the heart of any man or woman, nor can they remove fear from those who have been hunted and hounded by the absolute darkness that stalks and overwhelms all who want to return after they have been exiled.

Know of a surety that I the Living God can heal the inward wounds that have transpired among My people, and I can gather them as One in Me, for I do not want My people to be left desolate and living in despair because of the assault and abuse of the wicked towards them. The truth is that I can do so many good things for My people and I am able to repair fully that which has been broken as well as that which has been torn.

I do not want My people to be forever bound in the fear and terror that they have been through under the hands of wicked men and women who have desired them dead. As My people, I want you to come forth rejoicing each and every day, for I am the One who is indeed well able to uplift and restore all of those who are attentive unto Me and wanting to follow in the steps of My Son Jesus.

Be aware that to be hated, hounded, wounded, and worn is not a new thing for those who have and still do desire My way above the ways of the world. If you were of the world, so would the world love you and take you under the covering of wickedness.

However, because you have remained true to your calling in Me, the world will set against you in false accusation as well as physical, mental, and emotional abuse in their attempts to devastate you. Be aware that they cannot do away with you. I am the One who will keep you at all times and I am the One who will bring you forth by a plain path and give to you all that you have need of.

I never intended for you to pursue the course of iniquity and by the same be overwhelmed as so many are doing in these times. It saddens Me when I am giving forth the call for the exiles to return to Me and be restored and regathered, and some have taken up the ways of the heathen and are content to remain in estrangement from Me.

With this in mind, realize that I am able to fill the slots of those who have departed and will not reconcile themselves to Me. I can raise up men and women who will desire to please Me and to come into the fold and follow in the steps of Jesus.

There are in these times many who are yearning and desiring changes for the better in their lives, yet they have no knowledge of Me or My kingdom. I do see them, and I send My Spirit unto them to make divine arrangements come to pass that they receive the witness that through My Son there is salvation mercy to be given as they believe on Him.

Likewise, they will be given insight into the new life that awaits them as they shed the old coverings and come into the life that is found in My kingdom. I do not leave My table unfurnished with those who will partake of the feast that I have for those who will be ready and willing to eat of the goodness that I delight to give My people.

Be glad even this day that you do not need to go along with the wicked and their agendas for your destruction. Rather, you can cleave to Me and see that I am indeed the One who gives you mercy, not misery. If you were to obey the demands of the despotic and demon-possessed leaders of these times, you would end up devastated in your faith, for when the wicked are in rule, their insanity and iniquity know no limits as they take into captivity those who are not aware of how vile they are.

You are privileged to keep trusting in Me and following Jesus and not holding onto bitterness. I do not want you to live in bitter resentments over what the wicked have done to you in their attempts to destroy you. Instead, leave the vengeance to Me and give Me thanks and praise that you are not devoured, destroyed, or dead. Be giving Me thanks and praise that you are enabled to be alert, alive, active, and aggressive in your faith in Me.

The true witness is the person who has endured and continued steadfast in their confidence in Me, and such a one is counted righteous and will receive the rewards I have in store. Be of the mind that you will not go over and over what has happened to you, but you will see that I am able to heal, renew, restore, and regather in greater measure than before.

With this clear in your minds and hearts, keep giving the glory to Me that I am the God who is well able to do the impossible. When I determine regathering for My people, so shall they be able to live in the protection and provision that I give to them.

The reality of My mercies is that I want you to partake of them always and not allow what you have experienced to cause you mistrust of Me. Remember that in Me you will be uplifted, and likewise understand that in all of My ways there is My divine wisdom at work. Those who have been through the fires of testing and trial are made sure of who it is that they love and will remain true unto. They are vessels that I can trust and that I will use as it pleases Me.

Be glad this day that you can be among the ones who will endure, and by the same ensure themselves of their place with Me in the eternal and everlasting kingdom wherein I make My abode. I do not want you to be fearful; I want you to be continuing faithful unto Me.