Are You My Family?

I speak unto you this day and I ask you: Are you My family? Know that the ones who truly are of My family will understand that their family is found in Me and not according to carnal relationship with their blood relatives. There are many who have chosen carnal families above Me and My family, and the consequences prove to be deadly to their spiritual lives.

I do not want My children to be taken in the emotional turmoils of their relatives when they have been born again of the incorruptible seed. I do not intend for those who are Mine to put as their priorities the opinions of their families above Me. This they do because they are being ruled by the opinions of their families above My opinion and desire for them.

The ones who are truly My family will abandon themselves to My will and My desire for their lives and not look back to the former lives. When anyone makes the choice for My kingdom through repentance to Jesus and acceptance of Him as Savior and Lord, they become My family. This means essentially that their allegiance is to be to Me as their Father and to My people as their brothers and sisters.

Those who are repeatedly turning back from Me to cater to their families are doing so according to their own opinions and not My desire. I do not expect My people to adhere to their former families and by the same be drawn into the circle of carnality and the corruption that comes of the same.

Those who are My family are meant to love My Son, My Spirit, and My people as their true and lasting family. Those who are being perpetually troubled by the troubles of their former lives are in essence not able to give their all to Me and the ones who are faithful to Me. Likewise, they will find themselves torn between the fleshly ties and their commitments to Me and My Family.

I do not want My people to be troubled by looking back and imagining that they are to remain committed to what I have delivered them from. Far too many are lured back, when families are living in sin and darkness, into the same messes that they were in before Jesus came into their lives. This is not what I want for those who are bearing the precious seed of Jesus Christ. Inasmuch as people are born again, they become citizens of My kingdom, and likewise they are meant to be in fellowship with My family.

I do not intend that My people would be looking for the approval of the world and by the same have their relationship to Me be unclear and likewise unclean. I find no pleasure in those who are double minded and turn aside to the things of this world and assume that they must pay respect and oblation to those who are not of My kingdom and never will be.

It is important that, in matters of the carnal family and the ties of the same, My people seek the mind of My Spirit and do not just jump to provide for those who are far from Me. I want My people to know and understand how important it is that they keep Me, My Son, and My Spirit as the source who rules over them.

It is very easy to find oneself slipping back by association with the world’s people and desire to please them rather than Me. I do not want you to be like those who are busy pleasing the world, as their hearts grow far from Me, and they want to please the world’s people more than Me. Such as these will find, if they are honest with themselves, that they are returning to that which they are meant to forsake.

Do not imagine that your situation is so special that you must return to the vomit or that you must wallow in the mire, for when you desperately cried out to Jesus and He received you, you were not happy in the mess you were in. Therefore, to imagine that you will be happy by returning to that same mess is delusion and deceit.

I do not want you to be easily seduced away by the opinions of your carnal families, nor do I want you to be seeking to please the ones who are of the world. You are not meant to deem such people as of more importance than My purpose and plan for your lives. Therefore be faithful to your vows and your covenants with Me as you were in the beginning of your journey in My kingdom.

The true witnesses are those who will put Me first and seek to please Me, for I remain as the Supreme God whose power and glory remain. Consider that if you are busy catering to that which you were meant to have abandoned for My will, then you are going to be torn by the same. I do not want you to be torn and likewise unable to pursue the course that I have set before you with enthusiasm and excitement. Rather, you will dread to continue in My way, because you have allowed yourselves to be drawn away from Me.

I do not call you to please the world nor those who are of the world. The world will not save your soul, and even though they are adept at using you for their own gain, they have no love for you at all. Likewise, let the motives of your flesh family be made evident by the discerning of My Spirit and you will see that they are committed to their own ways not My way.

I do not want you to go in their ways, for they do not lead to eternal life in My kingdom, nor will you gain salvation through them. If they have helped you in times of persecution, realize that I am the One who softened their hearts and do not imagine you owe them lifetime loyalty for their help.

I can use anyone I please, but remember it is Me who does burden them for you, not they themselves. Keep your loyalty and your allegiance to Me and My divine love family, and you will have peace in your souls.