Out of Death Comes Life

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be willing to die to yourselves daily, for as you do, you will find that the new life comes forth. Those who are unwilling to die will find themselves caught up in snares and entanglements because they are not abandoning themselves to trusting in Me as the One True God whose power and glory remain.

Do not be as the dull, the dumb, the stubborn who want to claim they are Mine yet resist dying to themselves. Those who behave in such ways do not make progress in Me, because they are resisting My way in order to maintain what they assume is their own way. In reality, what they assume to be their own way is really the way of demons, who do not want them to develop in Me.

There are multitudes who want to keep Me in a box so that they can resist growing and going onward in Me. Because of such choices, they do not know what it is to be truly transformed and made whole by the power of My presence. Consequently, they remain in their own little boxes and believe that they have all there is to have of Me. This is because they’ve chosen retardation and confinement rather than growth and refinement in Me.

I do not want My people to choose in opposition to Me. Rather, I want them to choose for My desires and by the same to become useful in My kingdom for My purposes and plans. Those who are afraid to yield to the death of their old lives, their old nature, and their old goals will not make progress, because they are not building on faith but rather on fear. Those who are afraid to trust Me are choosing to be losing because they do not expand in faith, and by catering to self, they will find that the same is a cruel master.

Stop and consider that when any man or woman is truly born again, they become the citizens of My kingdom, no matter their age, color, or gender. That means that in order to remain in right standing, they are expected to be in cooperation with My Spirit and coming forth ever uplifted in the same.

Therefore do not be weary in well doing; just continue as a people who are respecting Me and coming forth in the way that I intend and provide for them. I do not intend for you to depart from My way, because all other ways lead to death and damnation. Those who have known Me and tasted of the bread of heaven then turn back to eat the unclean food of the world will be liable for much more, because they have known and rejected the truth.

It is foolishness to turn from the light and to go into darkness because of the yearnings of the old nature. There are multitudes in these times who are turning to the devil’s devices and following the advice of demons rather than adhering to My Spirit’s instruction and direction for their lives.

Be serving Me each day in the attitude of gratitude and do not reject any chance you are guided into by My Spirit to die out to yourselves. The more that you make it your practice to choose life, the more you will be filled with the spirit life and enabled to bear witness of the goodness that is found in My kingdom.

This day, be thankful that you can remain adhering to Me and following the mind of My Spirit. It is indeed My intention that those who are Mine would not resist nor resent Me, but that they would gladly adhere to the guidance of My Spirit each and every day and gain more and more confidence in Me.

Those who want only to run back into their little boxes and imagine that they are safe and secure in the same will find themselves in the prison houses of carnal captivity and unable to get out of the consequences of their cowardly choices against Me. I do not want you to be afraid of what men and their wicked systems can do to you. Rather, I want you to be keeping steadfast in your vision and your purpose, and that is to be faithful and true to Me.

Therefore, in these times of confusion and delusion, do not grow weary in well doing. Just pursue the course of My righteousness with thanksgiving because you are redeemed. How much better it is to learn of Me than to be as those who are flirting with the world and imagining that they find enlightenment in the world.

Those who are dumb enough to accept the demonic advice will find that they are seeking is useless and fruitless. However, because their hearts have grown hard towards Me, they imagine that to go after vanity and insanity is better than to die to themselves in order to gain the clear light found in Me. These ones have already accepted the world’s covering and they will join the troops of insane hypocrites who have set themselves up for the fall they will face when they depart this earth and are cast into outer darkness.

There are many who have swum in the polluted waters of the world, only to end up drowned in the iniquities of the same. While they sought for delights in the forbidden, they refused the simplicity of My way to take on the chaos, complication, and confusion of the world’s way. Because they preferred to be in darkness rather than light, they became more and more entrenched in that darkness as demons took control of their minds and their bodies.

Such as these are wise in their own eyes, yet before Me they are cowards, quitters, and rebels. I do not want them to imagine that they are safe and secure in their boxes, for they are not. Yet, because of their pride, they choose to believe in lies and liars above believing in Me.

Do not by any means assume that you are to be found in the wanton and weary way that the multitudes are choosing, for they are losing their sight and their souls. They are fools led by demons. Be wise and keep your eyes on My Spirit, and live.