No Pain, No Gain — Exercise Your Faith

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is necessary that you learn to exercise your faith in Me by following the mind of My Spirit and not adhering to your own understanding. When tests and trials come your way, do not give up in despair as so many have done. Rather keep steadfastly adhering to the Spirit’s commands and directives to you.

I never intended, nor do I presently intend for My people to allow their faith to lie dormant and imagine that they are living for Me when they are not. It is more than obvious that such ones are lazy regarding their faith and are not willing to endure the growing pains that bring forth gain in My kingdom. Because of spiritual slothfulness, many do not endure steadfastly, nor do they cross the finish line. Rather, they flop out along the way and offer excuses for their refusal to keep on going forward in Me.

Be glad even this day that you can serve Me each day in the attitude of gratitude and by the same be ever uplifted and given the hope that I alone can give. I do not want you to be a people who are full of sorrow and sadness, nor do I want you to be found among the miserable who pay for their play on Me.

My desire for all of My people is that they would obey, stay in My way, and know the abundance of mercy that I have prepared for them. The ones who will remain faithful and willing to walk My way will receive the rewards that I have in store.

Know likewise that those who turn back and follow no more in the steps of My Son are looking only to protect their own lives rather than yield their lives totally over unto Me. I do not want you to live there; I want you to live in Me and to partake fully of the goodness, the mercy, and the eternal treasures that are found in knowing and practicing active faith.

The measure of faith that is given to each one at salvation is meant to be used and to grow and increase as people who are born again realize their need of My Spirit. The more that those who have faith will be yielded to the leading and direction of My Spirit, the more that they will increase in faith, hope, and confidence in Me. The reality of following My Son’s pattern is that He did not turn back, nor did He compromise, and those who will be His true followers will walk in the same steps.

You are living in times when multitudes are living in fear of what tomorrow holds for them. This fear is pumped into them daily by Media and her minions as the reasons for fear and terror are being openly declared every day.

The love for Me of many will wax cold, because they feel that the conditions of this world are too much for them to bear and they decide that they no longer want to even exist. However, such thinking is erroneous, because I do not lead them there; they are in such conditions because their hearts are far from Me.

My people are not meant to take on the world’s troubles, nor are they to lose their faith in Me because of the times. Rather, My people are meant to be alive, active, and aggressive for the faith that they presume themselves to have. Those who want to keep their faith dormant will find that they make no gain, as they want no pain. However, anyone who has the need for mental, physical, and spiritual fitness knows that it is important to exercise in order to attain the goals in mind.

Without a vision, My people perish, that is, they are sucked in and seduced by the world and likewise overwhelmed by the same. When you see this happening, do not hesitate to remind such ones that through Me all things are possible and that My Spirit can and will renew, refresh, and restore.

It is important that My people, through the discerning of spirits, see the difference between the precious and the vile and do not co-mingle with demons. I have never called My people to be in fellowship and friendship with demons. I have called them to be in fellowship and friendship with fellow united believers who are desiring to complete the course in Me.

Relating to winning, know that those who are aiming for the crown will not be yielding themselves to sinning, for they know that the same will end in death. Those who are choosing to be losing are doing so because they want things to go their way and have stopped walking in My way.

I do not want you to be in continual communication with such ones, for the same will erode and contaminate your desire for Me. Do not make covenants with unbelievers, for to do so is to be unequally yoked with those of the world who are not interested in following Me.

You are not meant to be entangled in the insanity and iniquity that are so prevalent in these times. Remember you are not meant to follow insane leaders who are breeders of corruption and wickedness, and be aware that you are meant to be guided at all times by the mind of My Spirit and not be under the rule of demonic spirits.

Rejoice that you are redeemed and be willing, ready, and able to hear and obey at all times. Do not grow weary in well doing; just continue steadfast. See repeatedly that I am the miracle working God and it is by My miracles that you will have your faith increased.

With faith that is alive, active, and aggressive, you will bear witness to others that they too can come forth refreshed, renewed, and restored in their hope, faith, and trust in Me. Why not be souls burning with divine desire able to set others on fire for My kingdom purposes and plans?