Chosen for Salvation or Damnation

I speak unto you this day and I ask: Have you considered that you will be chosen for salvation or damnation when your time to depart from this earth comes upon you? How much better it is that you choose for salvation and know My mercy in this life and in the life here after.

I never intended for My people to be found in the wickedness of the world and be headed to damnation. There are multitudes who claim that they are Mine, yet they live in the evil of unbelief, for they do not seek for relief from their pains in Me. Rather, they run to the systems of the world. I do not want you to be entangled in the world, for such will cause you to live in misery. You will find yourselves in the web of deceit which is spun around all of those who believe in the world’s system above My system.

In My eyes, unbelief is a great and deadly evil because by choosing to walk in unbelief, people are choosing rebellion above righteousness. Likewise, they are lending their ears to demonic insinuation that I am not able. However, the truth is that those who are mastered by unbelief are in such a place of spiritual death because they do not want to fight the good fight of faith and resist, rebuke, and refute demons of unbelief and undermining.

Know of a surety that demons are ever at work to undermine through unbelief the trust that My people are meant to have in Me. I do not call My people to run to the world; I call My people to come forth in Me, for I am indeed the refuge of My people, and My Spirit is present to guide them in the way of salvation, which includes the healing of their bodies, their minds, and spirits.

I do not want My people to believe that the world’s system is superior to My way, for when they do, they are choosing for damnation because of unbelief.

Be alert, alive, and aggressive against the kingdom of darkness which is the world, for the same is ruled by the devil and his demonic forces of destruction. I do not want you to refuse the good fight of faith; I want you to be fighting the forces of darkness, not succumbing and surrendering to them.

Never have I intended that My people would refuse the miracles that I have for them and by the same restrict their faith in Me. The reality is that multitudes have chosen to limit and restrict their faith and the faith of others by trying to be in control instead of abandoning their lives to Me.

Know of a surety that those who are yielding themselves in abandonment to Me are counted as courageous in My sight. This is because they are not looking to, nor trusting the arm of flesh and being cursed by the same.

There are many who have started out to trust Me and hope only in Me. Then, by demonic influence, they begin to look to the world and become impressed with the world’s systems and enter into the same. When they come under the falsity and pretension of the world, then they become false and pretentious in their relationship to Me, for they have eyes full of adultery.

I do not want you to imagine that I cannot do for you what I have promised and demonstrated through Jesus Christ, My perfect pattern Son. When Jesus walked among the common people, He showed forth to those who were needy the mercy that only I can give. Multitudes were healed, delivered from demon captivity and slavery, instructed in righteousness, and given the way of salvation.

Of course, the religious leaders were insanely jealous of Him, for He represented Me, and they hated Me. This is because they had chosen to be under the covering of the devil and his demon powers. By such covering, they were hypocrites and pretenders out for their own gain, while pretending to be following Me. They were liars and deceivers who pursued the course of their own lustful desires and intentions, while demanding that the people keep the commandments they did not keep themselves.

Of course, none of these leaders had the power to heal the people of their countless afflictions, diseases, and sickness. When Jesus demonstrated the power to heal, they were angry and jealous and wanted Him put to death. This is because the people were convinced of Jesus’ words by the power that was shown forth in the healing and deliverance of the needy.

Jesus worked in cooperation with Me in showing that in My kingdom there is healing and deliverance available for those who will cry out. Why do those who claim that they are My people choose to run to the systems of the world for their healing and not humble themselves to call out for Me? It is because they have yielded to the sin of unbelief, and likewise they are trusting the world more than Me.

Stop and consider: If there were no doctors, no hospitals, and no profit-driven medical machinery in place, how beautiful the offer of healing for free would appeal to those who were in suffering. Just as in the days of old, people would flock to those who were offering healing and deliverance, because they wanted to be free from misery.

As it was then, so is it now, that I want people to experience the healing and deliverance that are part of salvation and to rejoice in such as I give to them for free. How much better it is to trust Me than to become one more victim of experimentation and devastation and to lose all of your money to physicians who cannot heal.

To be healed by divine power is miraculous and intended for those who will hear, believe, and receive. Therefore, do not be a dying loser, chosen for damnation because of unbelief. Rather, be a winner because you are receiving salvation, healing, and deliverance by trusting in Me.