Shine and Be Useful

I speak unto you this day and I say that I do not intend that My people who have the light of life, Jesus Christ, shining in their hearts would hide the light that they have received. Rather, I intend that My people would shine and be useful for the furtherance and proclamation of My kingdom. Those who have been given the glorious light and are privileged to be born again should be declaring to others that Jesus is the way.

It is a grief to Me when those who should take advantage of the darkness of these times are hiding away and pretending they do not know Him because these are darkened times. No, when there is darkness, how much more is the light needed to shine, that men, women, and children can come into that light and be given the forgiveness that He extends in His call to all.

You are living in times when the governmental powers have actually proven their insanity and idolatry and have turned the nation over to alien powers and have invited full scale invasion by alien forces. With this invasion, new demons of insanity and idolatry have come in, and for the most part, many home born will come under the insane invasion that is here.

However, My people are not meant to be ashamed of who they serve. Rather, they are to proclaim boldly the kingdom of light and to shine and be useful for My purposes during the present chaos and confusion. Therefore, be aware that if you have received the light that Jesus gives, you are responsible and accountable to use that light for the sake of others who are dwelling in darkness and confusion.

If everyone remains in darkness, then all manner of evil doings will transpire in that darkness. This is why it is so important that My people shine forth the light that has been given to them. I do not want the light to be put out because My people are content to simply live in Me and for Me without bearing witness. The proclamation that Jesus made to His disciples then present and for all who would follow in years thereafter was to “go out into all the world and preach the gospel.”

The gospel is the truth that salvation comes through belief in and repentance unto Jesus, My Son. Those who hear the gospel message and apply the same will find that they have received the true revolutionary into their lives, and likewise, His steps will lead them into warfare against sin, hypocrisy, and corruption.

Jesus provided plenty of proof that He came from Me, inasmuch as He demonstrated through the acts of My Spirit that He was granted a power that the religious leaders did not have, and those same leaders were jealous of Jesus.

Never once did Jesus approve of their religious hypocrisy, nor did He take advantage of the people. Instead, He kept His vision single unto Me and He worked where I directed Him to work. Of course, the religious were insane with jealousy and plotted to kill Him. However, He did not stop doing what He was meant to do because of fear of death. By His faith and trust in Me, He conquered death to where there is no sting for those who believe.

Be aware that I do not want you to be involved in the sorrows and the miseries that are besetting the world’s people during these times. You are intended to be full of the light and to be useful for the purposes in My plan and path that you are to walk in. Therefore, in these times of gross wickedness and unbelief, be alert, alive, aware, and aggressive for the truth as you are declaring that Jesus is Savior and Lord.

If you allow fear to cripple you and to muzzle your mouth, you will feel inadequate and trapped inside because such fears are not of Me; they originate with demon powers. The devil and his demons know that if they can muzzle you with the weaponry of fear, they will have control over you and be enabled to keep you in captivity and bondage.

I do not want you to be in captivity to fear and bondage; I want you to be opened up to My Spirit that you be fully empowered by the Spirit and go forth in boldness. Do not be shy or hesitant about what I call you to do. Rather, be adhering fully to what it is that I want you to do and ever thankful for the same.

The more that you are concentrating on Me, the more that you will see that I am who I say that I am and that Jesus, the Spirit, and I are One. In that unity, we all want to see souls redeemed from the prison houses of sin and fear that hold them captive. Jesus came demonstrating that He wanted the prisoners who were viciously oppressed by demons to be set free.

Therefore, when you see those who are needy of the declaration of the gospel message, do not withhold that message in order to protect yourselves. Remember it is Me who is your protector and provider. Therefore be demonstrating the power of the Spirit as you are boldly declaring the gospel message.

As you are true and triumphant messengers, you will not be afraid, and the signs will follow you, which will bear witness of My kingdom. Many will be believing because they taste of and partake of a kingdom that is far beyond the kingdoms of men.

Be in the attitude of gratitude, for you are privileged to be redeemed and shown My mercies each and every day. True gratitude means that you give your lives over to Me and do not hide the light. Remember, the more that you are yielded to shine, the more useful you will become, and you will be counted worthy to receive the rewards of the righteous.

While the braggarts boast of their powers, none can by any means redeem his own soul!