My Sheep and My Lambs

I speak unto you this day and I say that I do not abandon My Sheep and My Lambs, for they are My people. Yet, in these times, there are many who are wandering in desolation, destitution, and despair, who once served Me. What has happened to them? They have abandoned Me and gone a whoring after the world, then they are ever increasing in misery and madness. What is evident in the times of turmoil and terror is that many do not return to Me because they have grown to be more in love with the world than Me.

I do not want My sheep and My lambs to be led astray and end up far from Me. Rather, I want them to be near to Me and to partake of the truth that I provide for them because they are Mine, and I want them to continually walk uprightly in Me, for I am the One they are meant to serve. Because there are endless false shepherds, they take My sheep and My lambs and teach them the ways of the world and entice them to partake of the sins that are evident.

I do not want My people be hasty to participate in the sins that damn and be driven by demons every day because of departure from Me. It is Me the Living God who wants My people to be strengthened and kept in the way that is My mercy and My goodness, that they can come forth knowing that through Me there is provision and protection available to them.

It is stupidity for those who are walking in the light to falsely presume that there is more light in darkness. Those who ignore the warnings that I send to them through My Spirit are actually taking on troubles that are of their own choices because they believe in themselves and their own abilities. Yet they do not understand anything about how much the false shepherds are deluding them, nor how much the devil is wanting them deceived.

Stop and consider: When people are born again of incorruptible seed and they make progress in My way, then they turn aside and cast themselves into the demonically infested world, they are choosing to corrupt themselves. My Spirit does not lead people into the world to participate in sin. When My people are led into the world, it is to bear witness of Me and My kingdom and give the call to salvation for the sinners who are perishing in sin.

Sadly enough, far too many of those who become involved in the world and the sins that are ever present in the same once knew My Son as Savior. Turning from the light, the life, and the love that they had, they saturate themselves in the filthiness of sin as though they were missing something.

It is a sorrow to Me when I see the ones who are so greedy for the gain that the false shepherds have promised them that they forget all the true treasures. Somehow, because they are believing the lies that the demons feed them, they imagine that if they just can secure their place of euphoria, they will find everlasting security in the same.

There is no way to gain eternal, everlasting security in the false treasures of this world. The only true treasures are the ones that are stored in heaven and are awaiting those who have the sense to store their treasures in heaven.

I do not find it pleasing when I see the ones who were once close to Me turning their backs on Me as though I were not important in their lives. In their choices to rebel and reject Me, they become as goats, unwilling to be led and directed in My way. Then they feast on pride and the power they imagine themselves to have, and all the time, they are being more and more deluded and destroyed. Their end will be in damnation and hell because they have so confidently trusted in doctrines of deception and taken on the coverings of liars and lies as their pathway of choice.

Do not be looking to the conception of deception that wants to captivate you and take you into the darkness and deceit that cause damnation to the multitudes. Reality is that once you are born again into the kingdom wherein I abide, you become a target for the demons, as the devil sends them to pull you back. Therefore, be in the reality revelation that you must be willing and ready to fight for the precious pearl that you have been given through salvation in and by Jesus Christ, My Son.

Keep yourselves clean and walk uprightly in the way that I have for you and maintain your status as My sheep and My lambs. Foolish are those who easily succumb to darkness because they want to continue in evil. However, I do see the deeds of those who are living in the sins that will damn their souls, and they do not hide such behaviors from Me.

It is Me the Living God who desires that My people would serve Me in integrity and faithfulness and not be succumbing to the corruption and criminality that are so common. The reality is that My way is the higher way, and those who are maintaining their fidelity to Me are showing their respect and honor for the privilege they have been given to bear the precious seed. They will be especially protected by My angelic host as they are persistent in proclaiming the gospel to the wretched who are dying in their sins.

Realize that I did not send Jesus into the world in order for His disciples to only follow Him for a season then turn back to their former lives. No, I sent Jesus into the world to teach and train His disciples to walk in His steps and to give forth the message of the gospel to any and all who would open their hearts to receive.

Therefore, be true messengers and keep the standard of My righteousness, for when you do, then I do not hesitate to give to you true treasures. No one can devour the precious treasures that are stored in heaven, for they await you who are true.