Excuses Are Abuses

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not be quick to refuse Me and offer to Me instead excuses, for in My evaluation those excuses are abuses. My people are foolish when they put other things before Me and imagine that in the same they are able to do what they want and not what I want. Those who are taking for granted their relationship with Me are as foolish children, for they will be doing as they please and not as I desire them to behave.

If you stop and consider, when My Son came to earth and declared to the multitudes My kingdom, He made it clear that My people were not meant to love anything or anybody more than Me. Therefore, when you hear the excuses that people offer instead of obedience to My call, know that they are deceiving themselves, for they are putting people, places, and things before Me. I am sadly disappointed in them, because their excuses are abuses, in the sense that by their choosing they are losing out with Me and are by the same not maintaining integrity of relationship with Me.

You are living in times when people are full of excuses. They are full of procrastination and stubbornness when it comes to moving with the mind of My Spirit. Yet, when it comes to the commands of demons, they are quick to listen and obey those commands as though they were the most important thing.

I do not want you to be quick to give way to the folly of fools and likewise do those things that are not acceptable to Me. I want you to understand how important and imperative it is that you consistently keep Me as your first love, and do not offer to Me excuses, for they are abuses.

If you choose to make excuses when I send My Spirit calling to you, what you are doing is abuse before Me because you are finding reasons that are justified in your own minds for not coming forth as I request. The more that you or anyone claiming to be Mine makes such choices, they are basically dictating to Me and have established an off-balance relationship. I do not remain when they are sinning by rejecting My Spirit, for I turn aside and send My Spirit to call for the ones who are willing to obey.

When people are full of themselves and want their own way, they put themselves in a position of separation from Me because they have abandoned My way for their own. However, they are dumb and dull spiritually because they realize not that their determination to have things their way is demonically fueled and inspired.

Those who are believing in the delusion that they are “doing their own thing” are actually doing the devil’s thing, as they are choosing in opposition to My intentions for them. I have for each person who will come to Me through My Son Jesus Christ a plan and intention for their lives. This is because they have chosen to abandon their old lives and become citizens in My kingdom.

With their new citizenship, they are given the directives and plans that My Spirit will guide them in. However, if at any time they choose to oppose My Spirit mind and take on the mind of demons, they are liable to lose their citizenship. Inasmuch as My kingdom is orderly, according to My desires, I do not want the stubborn, the proud, the defiant, and the lawless to be in My kingdom, for they trouble not only themselves but others as well.

Inasmuch as people are still struggling to do things according to their own understanding, they are working in opposition to Me. They have not come into the death to themselves, and because of that unwillingness to abandon to full surrender, they go on and on, pushing against My will for them. This struggle is completely unnecessary, yet in their minds they are searching.

However, in their searching, they are literally wandering far from Me and going after the world as they choose the broad way above My way. I do not call My people to be wanderers who are squandering the inheritance they have been given through salvation. Rather, I desire that they be serious in their relationship to Me and come forth respecting and honoring My Spirit’s call to them.

Truly, it is senseless when people declare that they will follow Me then they listen to the demon spirits and choose to oppose rather than follow Me. Those who are weak minded and selfish will do this repeatedly and find themselves in misery rather than mercy. Reality is that there is no way that people or nations come into lasting peace if they are not right with Me.

Consider the endless wars that are erupting and continuing in these times, and know that these wars are the consequence of age-old disputes and demonically inspired and driven leaders who want to have things their way. The results of such self-centered motivations are nothing but destruction and are devastating to those who are under the domain of the egoistic, selfish leaders who must have their determinations and desires, or else!

The more that leaders become dictators, the more confused and crazier they become, because they are demonically driven to insanity and confusion. I do not want My people to abandon to such demons in their own hearts as they begin to offer excuses to My Spirit and in the same are guilty of abuses, for the more that men and women are abusive towards Me, the more that they become abusive towards others and determined to have their way.

How boring it is to be driven by power lust to the extent that there is no peace nor blessedness in their lives. Instead, they are found in the continual upheaval that is the consequence of choices for misery rather than mercy.