Through, By, and With My Spirit

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be thankful that I have given to you My Holy Spirit that is ever present to assist you in all that you do. I have never intended that you trust in your own power and strength, for the same is not what you are intended to rely upon. You are intended to rely on My Spirit to give to you the increase that you have need of every single day, and by the same you are prospered in Me.

There are in these times demons of pride that fill those who are open to them, and then such people and nations will assume that they are great when really, they are nothing before Me. The reality is that I am the Almighty, and I desire that people would recognize their need of Me and come forth respecting and honoring Me as the One they are meant to serve, to obey, and to follow after always.

I do not ever want those who are Mine to be living in estrangement and separation from Me because they have come under the demons of pride and have consequently accepted their cover of pride. You are not meant to be living in the pride of your own imaginations and by the same to perceive yourselves to be greater than you are.

The truth is that because of insanity and profanity, multitudes have been absorbed into the schemes and dreams of politically ambitious madmen who are esteeming themselves as almighty. However, no matter what they imagine they are, they are nothing but mindless and hopeless fools before Me, for they have gone a whoring after that which is evil in My sight and will cause them to suffer misery.

I intend that My people are not taken in the many snares, entanglements, and enticements that the demon forces use to take people into captivity and the bondage of “self-esteem.” Consider that the major ruling force of idolatry in these times is “self-love,” whereby men and women imagine themselves to be equal with Me and likewise that they are gods.

Such imaginations and delusions are demon inspired, and those who are willing to believe and receive such falsehoods will find that by the same they are brought down, for it is Me the Living God who exposes the wicked in their evil and shows that they are mere men and women with nothing to brag about and boast of.

When people are brought down by Me, there is no way they can proclaim their own greatness, because I have definitely shown them that I am the Almighty. Yet, because they are remaining under the bitter, defiant, hardness of pride rather than coming into the sweetness of repentant humility, they will openly curse Me and proclaim proudly that they will regain their domains of power. These proud and boastful fools are full of arrogance, conceit, self-esteem, and of course self-idolatry. Likewise, they expect others to bow to them and close their eyes to the reality that they are nothing but mere humans.

How many lives have been lost at the altars of worship that these egoistic power-lusting madmen have demanded for themselves and their agendas? It is unfortunately a cycle that has repeated itself throughout history. I absolutely do not find pleasure in such disturbing and destroying fools and I do give to them their just rewards because of their wickedness and stubborn pride.

Be knowing that I am the One True God and that it is a privilege to be under My rule, because My Spirit is there with you and in you to guide you in the way that is righteous. In My way you will see that I am the One who does protect and provide for you and that through My Spirit your eyes are opened to perceive and differentiate between the precious and the vile.

I do not want you to be fearing the threats and intimidation tactics of the wicked. Rather, I want you to keep looking to and depending on the power and presence of My Spirit to guide you forth in victory. While the demonically inspired and infested forces want to gloat and strut as blinded fools, know that they are full of deception and that their end is destruction. Therefore, you are not intended to pay heed to them as though they were speaking forth truth. They are speaking forth the delusional lies of their own minds.

This is a time when the foul spirits of insanity are present and recruiting any and all who will respond to them. Those who open up their minds to such forces will find themselves becoming more and more twisted in their thinking and in their actions. More and more, the multitudes are being covered by hopelessness and fearfulness because they are not anchored in Me, nor are they choosing to rely on My Spirit.

The people as well as the nations that forget about Me are turned over to lawlessness, and the very things they chose above Me will become their masters as they are taken into captivity. This captivity is the consequence of their own choices, because they chose demonic inspiration above the inspiration of My Holy Spirit, which is indeed the power that remains.

Therefore, the crumbling and collapse of such systems is inevitable, and those who are under My covering will be protected during the calamities and chaos that erupt as the consequence of confusion and delusion. Be thankful that you can choose to remain in humility, knowing and seeing that what I commission you to do can and will be done, for I will cause it to be so.

With this in mind, do not be easily swayed out of the way of My Intention and taken in the way of demon invention. Hold tightly to and obey the mind of My Spirit, and find the victory that is meant to be yours in Me.