Endurance Is Assurance of My Kingdom

I speak unto you this day and I say that those who are willing to continue steadfast, not wavering nor turning back are the ones who will know what it is to endure and by the same be assured a place in My Kingdom. I do not want My people to fall away because of the terrible and terrorizing times that come upon the earth. My people are called and chosen by Me to continue to declare My kingdom to a sin-diseased, indulgent in sleaze, drunk on debauchery, and delusional world of perishing souls.

Those who are Mine are not called to turn to the very world that is damned and partake of the same as though the world had something to offer to them. Be alert to the fact that the world can do nothing for you except lure you to join in their damnation celebration of abomination.

This in mind, keep steadily looking to the directives and commands of the Holy Spirit, for the same will keep you from being enticed and engulfed in demons. As is evident, the flood of alien, evil spirits is continuing to flow unabated, and multitudes are being overwhelmed by such foreign forces of wickedness.

There is indeed a massive invasion being launched from the many nations throughout the world, aimed at total ruination and devastation of any remnant of godliness that remains. As there has been a full-scale erosion of morality and integrity towards Me, vast and endless multitudes are being sent by the devil to cause massive infestation of alien demon powers. Inasmuch as the assault of these demonic powers is alien to the inhabitants of the land, many will be swept away or grow totally hopeless in this flood of demons in human bodies being sent to kill, steal, and destroy.

I do not want My people to give up and be taken in the floods of darkness and demon invasion; I want My people to keep on enduring and by the same assuring themselves and others of citizenship in My kingdom that remains.

While demented and demon-led men are in power in these times, imagining themselves to have “global powers,” they will find that I will turn their very schemes and dreams back on them. They will experience the reality of their deluded plans and find themselves being punished by the very same aliens they invited to invade.

Know that none who choose to oppose Me will prosper in their efforts. When they reach the pinnacles of their assumed success, they can be easily hurled down and destroyed by their comrades in crime against Me and My people.

It is of course painful to be living in these disruptive, destructive, and hellish times. However, it is because My people, for the most part, did not keep their first estate with Me. Rather, they crumpled and gave way to the alien spirits, and allowed the same to bear rule over them and to take from them what I had given to them.

If you stop and consider, now is the time to resist, refuse, and rebuke demons, and that rebuke can cause such aliens great shock as they have been trained in invasion with no resistance from the home forces. However, there will be uprisings and resistance that are unforeseen, and the aliens will find themselves unwelcome and unsatisfied as their schemes will be foiled.

Do not be among those who easily give up in surrender to the evil invaders. Rather, be among the ones who endure hardness as good soldiers. While endless multitudes are caught up in the confusion, the chaos, the criminal increase, do not give way to the floods of evil being sent to destroy the remnant of those who have remained righteous before Me.

The more that you turn to My Spirit to direct and correct you, the more you will be able to discern between compassion and compromise. You are not intended to compromise with evil and imagine that in the same you are doing Me a favor. You are not doing Me any favor at all if you compromise with that which is wanton and wicked.

When you see the ones who abandon themselves to the world and go a whoring from Me, know that they shall receive the reward of the twice dead. This is because they have known Me then turned aside to be ruled by demons in an attempt to compromise with enemies through false compassion.

Be aware that those who have chosen to invade another land are to be under the warfare that accompanies the same. When these invaders are found complaining and grumbling over their discomforts and lack of amenities, be aware that they are liable to find themselves returned to their homelands.

Do not imagine that you owe anything to those who have come to bring destruction and are making outrageous demands and declarations. Such as these will get their just retributive punishments. I will see that they get what they deserve, not what they have been deluded to believe they will receive.

Know that I continue to stand with those of Mine who are enduring and assuring one another of My goodness and mercy in these times when multitudes are under ugliness and misery. Therefore, remain standing for Me and the kingdom that remains when all of the demonically ruled kingdoms have been brought down and destroyed.

Remember, I am the Creator, and it is Me who raises nations up and brings nations down. Likewise, I know the ones who have remained rejoicing in Me because they are redeemed. Therefore, I do not stand with the ones who turn themselves over to be swept up with the demon powers infesting human bodies and cast out because of their unfaithfulness to Me. I stand with the ones who remain righteous and are enduring for the cause of Christ.