Fools Shall Fall with Their Idols

I speak unto you this day and I say that I literally despise My people when they turn from Me the Living God and go a whoring after idols. In such wanton lust for the forbidden, they prove themselves to be fools, and I shall cause them to fall with their idols.

That is, they shall no longer have My covering over them, nor will they reflect the light that is found in Me. They shall be a people from whom the glory has departed, and they shall howl unto the wind. This is because by choosing to worship dead gods, they themselves have become dumb and are dead spiritually.

Why do people choose such folly when they are meant to worship Me as their God and stay true to Me? It is because they listen to demons and take on the covering of such wicked spirits rather than seeking to be under the mind of My Spirit. They want to reshape and reform Me according to their own desires and choices for sin above righteousness.

I did not ever intend for people to go after the folly of fools; I intended for them to worship Me as the One True God who is indeed well able and the One who has created them to serve with gladness and rejoicing. However, just as Eve fell for the serpentine suggestions that she could be equal with God, so did she go for the forbidden, without respect of Me.

She did not consult with Adam. Rather, she simply ate of the forbidden fruit and then enticed her husband Adam to do the same. Because of their transgressions and willful disobedience, they were banished from the Garden of Eden and turned over to be ruled by their own foolery rather than My wisdom.

Needless to say, their lives became more and more tainted by sin, for they were no longer under My covering of purity and clarity. They took on darkness rather than light, and worked by the sweat of their brows in order to just eat and have shelter.

Stop and consider: When I cared for them and they were in the Garden of Eden, all of their needs were abundantly supplied and they lacked for nothing. When they departed from Me, they knew what true deprivation and hunger were.

So, by their sin, they brought the curse of carnality down upon all humanity, and men and women are born into sin. They are ruled by carnality and are subject to the corruption of the same. Therefore, many are led by demonic spirits into the ways of sin, and they only go deeper and deeper into the sludge and are stuck in the mire of their own making.

I have compassion upon humankind to the extent that I sent to earth My only beloved Son, Jesus Christ, to be the covering for their sins. Jesus, through His complete compliance with My desires and not His own, gave His life on the cross and by the shedding of His blood proved to be the perfect sacrifice.

He is the One whom I have given to be the Redeemer, yet people in their foolishness want to make up other gods and believe that such will redeem them, renew and restore them. They want to attribute the divine qualities that are only to be found in Me to demons, and bow before their idols and assume by the same they are all right with Me. In actuality, they are not all right with Me; they are far from Me because they are following after folly and are classified as criminals and fools before Me.

I do not put approval on the utter madness that people who are foolish choose to believe once they have known Me. Those who turn to idols are turning to the way of destitution, destruction, and damnation. In such, they are certainly criminal and fools, because they are counting as nothing the sacrifice of My Son and His obedience towards Me for the sake of humanity.

These ones are crude and rude, even if they are “highly refined,” for their attitudes are demonic and their behaviors are filled with darkness and evil. While they have built up their make-believe worlds of delusion, they are playing the whore on Me and prostituting themselves to idols by bowing unto and offering their love offerings to such dead gods. I am not moved by them, nor do I admire them in their folly. Rather, I consider them to be the ultimate fools and I find no joy in them.

Therefore, beware of those who are worshiping idols and attempt to draw you into the same. You do not need to play the whore on Me in order to satisfy other people. No, you need to remain true and faithful unto Me as the God who has created you as well as the very earth you live upon.

Keeping this in mind, do not become dull and dumb by choosing to believe in the delusions and the insanity that are so evident in these times. I do not want you to take up the ways of the heathen; I want you to keep yourselves for Me.

Do not go into the debauchery, the defilement, and the demon infested ways that will end you in destruction and damnation. Be alert and alive to the commands of My Spirit, for My Spirit will guide you away from sin and into the path of My intention. There is no reason to worship any other god before Me or beside Me and attempt to make Me one more idol that can be controlled by people.

It is good to remember that I am in control and to be thankful that I bear rule over you in these times when the nations are proudly worshiping their nuclear idols and declaring the power of such weapons. Do not fear their idols, for I am the Almighty and you belong to Me. No matter how insanely and proudly these leaders of nations boast of their idols, be knowing that My power supersedes all other powers, and you are not to fear their idols.