What Do You Want: Terror or Trust?

I speak unto you this day and I ask you: What do you want in these times of uncertainty and insanity? Do you want terror or trust? There are many who are choosing to live in terror because they refuse to trust in Me. That is, because they are set in their hearts against Me, they are living in the uncertainty and insanity of the terror that rules in these times.

It is common for people to lose their minds and give up on life and become totally hopeless and helpless. This is because they are accepting the covering and the directives of demons, while they are refusing to listen to My Spirit calling to them to repent and come under My covering of protective love. By their own choices, they are preferring to live in the continual assault of demon forces rather than to live in Me as the One who cares for them. Reality is that they bring to themselves their own miseries because they are so determined not to serve Me.

These are times that are terrible because the evil are in rule and they are daily wanting only to pursue the course that will cause them destruction, devastation, and damnation in the end. The sorrowful thing is that these wicked and cruel leaders are leading the multitudes into the same traps of sin that they are in, and causing multitudes to lose their souls.

I absolutely do not want to see people by the droves being damned because they have chosen to be driven by demons. However, I do not take away from people their freedom to choose, and when they choose against Me, they will bear the consequences of their own choices. Therefore, take thought each day for the choices that you make. It is imperative to your continuance in Me that you TRUST ME. When you are trusting in Me, you will not be overwhelmed by the waves of fear and terror that are sweeping over the world at this time.

Be thankful that it is Me that you can trust and obey as you follow the leading of My Holy Spirit and are subject to the same. More than ever, it is evident that those who are under My covering and are accepting the leading of My Spirit are being protected and provided for. They are not living in the terrorizing of the evil and believing the lies of demons to be their destiny.

So it is that by adhering to Me you are being uplifted, directed, and guided into the mercies that I have in store for those who want to be near unto Me. If you stop and consider, it is foolishness for people to trust in lies and be led around by the demons that want them to be destroyed.

Yet, because people do not have spiritual awareness, they readily go after the lies that are presented to them and love the delusion of the same. Little do they realize that their spiritual laziness leaves them as prey for the demons to ravage and devour.

It is important that people wake up out of the slumber that they have been lured into by their very own ministers who are themselves bound in sin. There are many who are posing to be righteous, and while they present a very religious exterior, they are full of sins and evil within.

Therefore, because they are ruled by demons, they do not want the people they rule to be spiritually aware. They know that if their congregations are awakened spiritually, then they will expose the leaders in the sins they are living in. Because of such entrenched wickedness, the people are covered in lies, and some of them even love it so, for their deeds are evil. Likewise in politics, the same wickedness is ruling, and many are doing gross wickedness and stealing the monies that are meant for the people and using the same for their own sinful habits and activities.

Know of a surety that I do not want people to be living in those places; I want them to be living in Me and coming forth rejoicing for My mercies to them. Yet, because of the gross wickedness of the leaders, entire nations are being held in the clutches of fear and terror. There is no truth nor justice to be found in the ranks of the wicked, for they are cruel and selfish.

Inasmuch as leaders are meant to rule for the benefit of the people who support them, they do just the opposite. They work for their own fame, their own gain, and to fulfill their own lust for power. Needless to say, nations are at war and more war because no leader wants to walk in humility and soberness. Instead, these insane and power lusting leaders are bent on proving how great they are and are boasting as drunkards possessed by pride. The consequences are tactics of manipulation and intimidation whereby the masses become frozen in terror of what is coming next in their lives of misery and cruelty.

Keeping these things in mind, do not hesitate to choose for Me and listen to the directives of My Holy Spirit every day. You are not meant to be deviated, nor are you meant to be absorbed in terrors. Rather, you are to stay steady and sober, keeping your trust in Me, for I am the One who does rule you in mercy, giving you protection and providing for your needs. The world is indeed an ugly place in these times, but you are not meant to take on the ugliness that is prevailing.

Choose for Me each day and know the beauty that I will give to you. I want you to have hearts and eyes of appreciation for the tender mercies I provide. Thank Me that you can trust Me and not live in the sins, the lusts, the pride, and the terrors that the masses are subject unto day by day. Be serving Me in the attitude of gratitude because you have set yourselves to keep on believing as you trust Me as your God.