The Faces of Fools

I speak unto you this day and I say that you are not meant to keep company with fools, for their faces reflect their criminality towards Me. They do not shine with My glory, nor do they show forth My light, My life, or My love. Instead, their countenances are fallen, and they do not want to be in the light because My light shows up the darkness that they dwell in.

Consider this: when you see people who are living in sins and transgressions, their faces are ugly, even if they have attempted to make their faces appear to be beautiful or handsome. In these times, some of them have their faces so covered in tattoos and piercings as to be totally unrecognizable. What does all of this do for them? Absolutely nothing, except cause them pain and alienation.

After such attempts to hide their identity from Me, they still have to live with themselves and the lies they have chosen. Yet, when people are in rebellion and resistance against Me, they do not repent. In fact, the more they violate Me, the more they disguise what they have become, and they do not rejoice to hear My prophets. Instead, they grow more and more impudent and contemptuous about My kingdom.

They easily label all of My people as hypocrites and pretenders, and that is what they themselves have become. Yet they refuse to see their own sinful state and repent and return to My house. Instead, they choose repeatedly to show that they are fools, making choices for death rather than life. They grow more and more addicted to their sins and the substances that prosper them in the same. These fools can put on the big show as they party their lives away, yet inwardly they are full of fear and terror of what shall become of them.

I did not create people for them to be devoid of conscience, and those who attempt to lock out their own voice that tells them they are lying and dying will receive their just retribution. Fools are oftentimes found dead in their folly because they refuse to listen to admonishment and correction. Inasmuch as they are operating under the coverings of pride and hatred for the truth, they are kept in complete darkness and bound by the same.

I do not want My people to be bound in darkness, inasmuch as I have called My people to walk in My light and reflect that light to a sin-diseased, demonized, damned world. This is why I am sorely displeased with those who have known My way then have turned to the absolute stupidity that awaits them when they turn aside from Me and take up the ways of the world.

Those who have known the truth and walked in the truth then desire lies are choosing to be ruled by demon powers rather than the power of My Holy Spirit. To be ruled by demonic powers is to choose for one’s own devastation, destruction, and damnation. Indeed, they bear the marks of their sins upon their faces and they are full of transgressions, and their faces reflect the darkness they have desired and chosen. Literally, while they had once shown forth light upon their faces, they now are bearing the faces of fools.

The very underlying motive of the activity of masquerading is to cover what one is, to become someone else. Consider that people celebrate with great frivolity and debauchery the masquerade because they are temporarily escaping their own lives. Likewise, this is why people yield themselves over to mind-altering substances and even go into transgenderism because they want to escape their own ugly choices.

The sins that are shown on the faces of fools are displayed in the actions of their childish and rotten leaders who want to have the whole world at their disposal. Such national leaders as are heading nations in these times are full of folly and cause much trouble and torment because they are determined to have their ways, which are wicked.

Those who are found bound by the insanity and vileness of leaders who are fools will be held as captives to the sinful choices of demonically driven, demanding democratic dictators. They will want to masquerade and cover their deeds of evil, and do so for a time and a season. However, when My time for their exposure comes, they will not confess and repent, nor even respectfully retire. They will only grow more and more confused and deluded and continue down the road that brings catastrophe.

Why is it that men and women will choose the way of foolishness rather than the way of soberness? It is because their hearts are wicked and they desire the darkness because their deeds are evil. I do not call you to evil deeds; I call you to walk uprightly in Me and know that I am the One who bears rule over you. I give My Holy Spirit to guide the ones who are preferring the truth over lies, and they will be guided forth in goodness and mercy.

Those who come to the place of rebellion and revolt against the mind of My Spirit will choose to be ruled by demons and want the darkness wherein they imagine they hide their evil deeds. However, none is able to hide their sins from Me, and those who imagine that they can hide their wicked deeds from Me are deceived and love their delusions.

Never have I intended for My people to be focused on the horrid and unclean ways that will cause them many troubles and miseries. I have called My people to come forth in the mercies that I give to them through their adherence to the path that Jesus set as the pattern. My people are to be guided by the Holy Spirit in the way of truth, and their faces are to be full of the light, the life, and the love that I show through them.