Purposed, Protected, and Provided for

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be aware that it is Me the Living God who does purpose you, protect you, and provide for you every single day as you keep your vision upon Me and obey My commands to you. Know of a surety that as you keep single in your focus, that is, upon Me, you will not be led astray nor away from My purpose for your lives.

Far too many of those who are claiming to be My people have not fully surrendered their lives to Me. Rather, they have surrendered themselves to a multitude of worldly demon powers and are under the auspices of the same. I do not call you to be under such powers and taken far from Me. Rather, you are called and chosen to fulfill My will and not your own.

It is imperative that you keep obeying the commands of My Spirit, even if they do not seem right in your eyes. You are not meant to keep your focus on your own selves and your own desires; you are meant to keep your vision and your purpose solely upon My intentions for your lives.

In these times of absolute insanity, profanity, and perversity, there are multitudes who are ending up hopeless and therefore helpless. You are not meant to be in such a condition. Rather, you are meant to be steadily moving onward and knowing that in Me is found the perfect peace that I provide.

When those who are My people are in right standing with Me and seeking to walk uprightly in Me, then they are enabled to know My peace, no matter the circumstances around them. Even in adversity and the obvious insanity of these times, My people will be kept in perfect peace as they are knowing that I protect and provide for them.

Be serving Me each day in the attitude of gratitude, as you are redeemed and not under the misery that is the cup of those who are far from Me. Every day I give to you mercies, and it is good to give Me thanks for the same and not be wearied by the worries that belong to the worldly.

The more that you choose to separate yourselves from the demonic darkness of these times, the more that you see clearly as you are in the light. My people are meant to understand the way that I intend is goodness and mercy, and that the multitudes miss out on the same because of the hardness of their hearts.

Do not allow the enemy forces to inject you with rebellion and/or resentment over your circumstances, for you are not intended to be governed by circumstances or situations; you are intended to be governed by Me and My purposes for your lives. The more that you are given the light, the life, and the love that I provide, the more you can see that I am indeed the God who does care for you in even the smallest of matters.

I do not want you to be in the throes of terror that are being sent forth throughout the earth at this time. You are not meant to accept the terror that is so treacherous and terrible that people are dying of fear and dread of the future. While vast multitudes are held captive in the fear of nuclear war, they underestimate My power and give glory unto the bragging threats of insane leaders who are intent on world domination.

Realize that no man can possibly rule the whole world, and the greed and lust that drive such as imagine that they can are demonic forces that will destroy them. Therefore, do not listen to the worldly reports that are flooding the airwaves and dooming people to fear, dread, and terror. I do not want you to be living in the fear of nuclear war. Rather, I want you to be at peace, knowing that it is Me who can and will put a wall of fire around you to protect you.

While these proud and presumptuous leaders believe the demons who possess them and tell them how great they are, know they are completely deluded. Little do such deluded wretches know that their plans are not My plans and that I reign supreme over all nations. It is Me who raises nations up and takes them down, and they are found groveling in the dust of their former empires when I release My wrath, fury, and indignation against them.

Keep your faith steady in Me and pray that I the Living God will cleanse the land of the vermin who have moved in for the kill and want to see all of My people destroyed. However, as My people pray in repentance for the sins that have transpired in the nations and ask Me for mercy, I will give them their petitions and they will know that I reign supreme.

Inasmuch as you are Mine, do not be eager to accept the accumulated garbage that is being spewed forth as meant for you. It is not. You are meant to be fully aware and thankful that you are pilgrims and that you are purposed, protected, and provided for by Me. Never have you been intended to be mastered by the demonic powers of fear, dread, doubt, and unbelief. You are intended to keep looking to Me as the author and the finisher of your faith and the One who has marked you to be Mine.

While the multitudes are living in fear of the mark of the beast, know that you are coming forth under the mark of My purpose. I know fully who you are, and I have My purposes prearranged for you to walk in everyday and know Me as the One you are to obey. As you are under the mind of My Spirit, you will not be under the control of demons, nor will you buy into their lies. Rather you will be sober and true, not deluded and adulterous in your relationship with Me.

I do not want My people to be under the world’s mindset, for such is ruled by principalities and powers of ruination damnation. You are not called to ruination damnation; you are purposed for salvation celebration.