Plagues of Punishment

I speak unto you this day and I say that I the Living God do send plagues of punishment to those who are willfully disobedient towards Me. I am not at all pleased with those who imagine that they can take steps in opposition to Me and get by with the same.

I have never intended for My people to believe that they can do “anything at any time” and that I will cooperate with them. I do not cooperate with those who take action in opposition to My desires and believe that I will bless them in the same. No, I will not bless them; I will punish with plagues those who are choosing in opposition to My known will.

When a person is ignorant of My dictate and they do what is displeasing unto Me, they are not as guilty as the ones who have been forewarned then proceed with that which they want to do. Do not imagine that all of the plagues that shall be released upon the ones who are in opposition to Me will be stopped.

Those who are going after the folly of their own understanding are fools, and in that foolishness, they will not be blessed; they will be cursed. I do not want you to be cursed; I want you to be blessed because you are looking to Me and desiring to keep in alignment with My desires and purposes for you.

There are many who are sick and dying and do not seek My face nor My counsel, because they are reliant on the arm of flesh and not on Me. You are not meant to be reliant on the arm of flesh; you are meant to be reliant on Me, for it is Me who determines the time of life for both the saved and the unsaved.

In these times when rebellion and hatred for Me are at an all-time high, do not be shocked to hear that vast multitudes are undergoing troubles on every hand because they are wanting their own way and not My way. More often than not, people take the course of no-return because they will not repent. They actually would rather be plagued with punishments than to admit that they are proud fools who have walked afar off from Me.

Therefore keep steadily looking to Me, for I am the One you are meant to please. Do not set up in opposition to Me and imagine that you are some great thing. No one who is choosing to oppose Me is to be admired, for it is by their pride they esteem themselves superior to Me.

Be aware that I do not strive with men forever when they are determined to oppose Me. I simply punish them with My plagues, and they cannot be released from the same, except they repent. The more that people allow demons to control them, the more hatred they have for true repentance to Me. Because of their own choices to obey demons rather than Me, they are taken in the throes of distress and there they remain, unable to free themselves from the dreadful condition they put themselves in.

I do not find pleasure in punishing My own people with plagues. However, I will not withhold such when they have opposed Me and gone according to their own desires rather than Mine. My people are intended to be in harmony with Me and not in competition or opposition. While My people may not fully understand My intentions, that does not mean that they will be stuck in the muck if they cooperate with Me. I want My people to be trusting Me, for I am the One who is meant to bear rule over them.

Of course, these are troublesome times, and demonic powers are invading and destroying multitudes who listen to and obey the demonic commands. Those who are Mine are not meant to be separated from Me by sinful choices in opposition to Me. Rather, they are meant to be in cooperation with Me and My will for their lives. It is foolishness to suffer unnecessarily and even die because of the determination of demonically directed decisions that oppose Me.

Because the coverings over nations are rebellious and hateful towards Me and My plan for humanity, the leaders are literally operating out of insanity. They make irrational and erratic decisions and give forth dictates that will bring upon them more disasters and plagues of punishment.

Stop and consider. If you believe that you are My people, then do not be moved to willful choices against Me, for the same are deadly. Instead, seek My counsel and obey the same, for you will find peace when it is Me that you are seeking to please. It is one thing to live in your own understanding. It is another thing to live in My will.

Today, choose to walk in humility and subjectivity to Me, that you do not live in fear and dread of the plagues of punishment that are becoming more and more visible. There are sufferings that you do not have to undergo if you will walk humbly before Me and obey the commands given to you by My Spirit.

When you hear the many voices of demon powers attempting to devastate you, know that such voices are not intended to be listened to, nor are you to obey them. As My people, the more that you will be subject to Me, the more that you will see My provision and protection over you, and the more that you will experience My mercies in your lives.

I do not call you to count on your own strength or the strength of other people. I call you to be dependent on My strength and know that I am the one who does provide for and protect you. Therefore do not be caught up in the curse of the arm of flesh, nor be under the plagues of punishment. Choose this day to follow and obey My Spirit, and be kept in safety by Me.