Triumphant Treasure, or Torment and Torture

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who desires that you would complete the course that is set before you and gain triumphant treasure in heavenly dimensions.

I do not want the ones who are My called and chosen to be in fear and dread of the afterlife because they will face the torment and torture that is the reward of the damned. My people are meant to be strengthened and purposed in the way that I provide as they are following My Spirit. As they serve in the attitude of gratitude, they will find that there is no good thing that I withhold and that they are enabled, as they praise Me, to be uplifted in the joy that I give.

If you consider the sadness that people undergo in this life on earth, be thankful that you do not have to live out sadness; rather, you can live in gladness. That is, you can continually be thankful to be redeemed and not under the domain of cruel demons who want people to end in the torture and torment of hell.

The sinners and the reprobates who have known Me then turned aside will be in anguish day and night. That is, they will not be enriched with the triumphant treasure that I give to the ones who fight the good fight of faith. The ones who continue in sin and refuse the call to repent and ignore the conviction of My Holy Spirit will find themselves in desolation and despair, and by such, they will be facing misery now. Then, in hell, they will face torment and torture for the wickedness and rebellion they chose to live in and believe in.

I do not want those who are Mine to be found in torment and torture, because I expect them to continue steadfast and steady in the way that is given for them to walk in. I give warning continually to My people that they do not take up the ways of the heathen round about and compromise with their gods and worship them as though they were worth serving. They are not worth serving; they are demonic spirits, and their goal is destruction.

The end of those who are serving other gods is ugly, for they are locked forever in the torment and torture that is in hell. Those who end in hell cannot pay someone to pray them out of the place they chose by their willful choices to worship idols and be directed by demons.

Be aware that demons are swarming continually like a nest of angry hornets looking for victims to sting with their destructive poison, and those who allow themselves to be so stung will pay forever for their choices. As you become more and more alert to the warfare that is transpiring, be all the more thankful that it is Me that you can serve, and not demonic spirits.

The Holy Spirit is provided for you so that you can be choosing to serve Me with gladness and thanksgiving, because I do not withhold any good thing from you and I give you triumphant treasure that will be stored in the bank of heaven that no worldly power can touch.

Consider how many there are who are storing their treasures on earth and imagining somehow that they can take the same with them when they die. Quite obviously, they cannot, for they are storing their treasures in bags with holes. Their riches will prove to be utterly useless to them, inasmuch as they cannot take the things of this world with them when they stand before Me.

Sadly enough, they will find themselves contaminated by the things they have thought to be so important, and that contamination will bring them damnation of their souls forever. Once in the chambers of hell, they will be continually locked into torment and torture by the very treasures they robbed others to achieve.

You are not meant to be as such foolish ones who are full of themselves and darkened in their understanding because their hearts are hard towards Me and they imagine that they can do things that they cannot do at all. In fact, they are totally bankrupt in terms of heavenly treasure, for they chose to store up treasures that would be left behind. The very things that were treasure to them will be trash to those who will collect their belongings after they die, and what they sweated to gain will go into the dumps.

It is indeed emptiness to follow the world’s way of treasure, for to do so is to sow into devastation, with damnation as the end reward. I do not want My people to take up the ways of the world and imagine that in the same they are gaining. All they are gaining are debts and worries that are cruel.

You do not need everything that your eyes behold; you need what I give to you, and the same will prove to be triumphant treasure. Consider that it is indeed triumphant treasure to be able to forsake sin and follow the mind of My Spirit and know My joy and peace continually.

This day, invite My Holy Spirit to search your hearts and your lives and show you where you are deviating from My path and taking up the world’s evaluation of treasure. It is better to live with little and be true to Me than to live with great accumulation and be continually angry and striving because you are so encased in debt and greed for more useless things.

The more that you are honest in your walk with Me and are willing to allow the Spirit to show you the mistakes you are making, the clearer you will become. It is more important that you understand the true treasures than that you spend your time on earth accumulating emptiness and being tormented and tortured with worry, anxiety, and frustration over stuff that will be discarded.