Meditate on My Mercies

I speak unto you this day and I declare to you that I want you to meditate on the mercies that I have given and do give to you. When you get your eyes off of your own troubles and consider the mercies that I do give you every single day, you will be uplifted in your hearts and minds. This is because I do not mistreat you; rather, I give to you as My people mercies that are abundant and ever present when you are keeping your vision upon Me.

If you take the time to mediate on My mercy, My goodness, and My faithful and ever-present protection and provision for you, you will see clearly that I do not withhold from you. Those who are undergoing continual misery are of course devastated by the same. Yet it is Me who has abundance of mercy for them if they will take the time to meditate on Me and to realize that it is by My power and glory that they have the privilege to be Mine.

I want My people to follow My Spirit and to find through the guidance of My Spirit the way out of pain and into praise. The truth is that I do inhabit the praises of My people, and when My people are praising Me, they are not to be pushed down by the enemy forces, because as they praise, I am with them.

Enemy forces hate My presence and power, and that is why they are continually attempting to devastate and tear down My people and launch evil attacks against them. Reality is that the warfare in the spiritual dimension is happening every day, because the devil and his demons hate to see people liberated from their holds of destruction.

I do not want you to listen to those forces that are attempting to control you and take you into captivity. I want you to be enabled to come forth knowing that through Me you are shown My light, My love, and My life. To be continually miserable is to be ensnared and entangled in those things that the devil offers as his remedies, and of course, they are painful and ugly. The devil will not do you good, he will do you evil, and if you are listening to his rantings, you will be darkened in your thoughts and actions.

Do not bow down to the temptations that are daily put upon you to murmur, complain, and be full of mistrust of My Spirit’s guidance over your lives. Remember that you are intended to meditate on My mercies and to come out of the prison houses of pain and discontent and enter into the place of holy praise and glory to Me. As you are giving Me praises and thanksgiving out of the attitude of gratitude, you will be strengthened and enabled to face what is present in your lives with renewed strength and hope.

I do not want My people to be hopeless and helpless by the enemy assaults against them. Rather, I want My people to be uplifted and given refreshing and renewing by the waters of life that I will pour forth upon them. You are not meant to imagine that the lies that demons spew forth are true, for they are liars and will always use deception to beguile and enchant their victims.

My people are not meant to be victims of the lying demonic spirits. My people are intended to meditate on My mercies as they are being given those mercies daily, as I am ever present. I do not want My people to be caught up in the traps of worldliness that are all around. I want My people to achieve more and more godliness as they are spending quality time with Me and receiving their instructions from the Holy Spirit and thereby being uplifted and purposed in Me.

The more that you will believe Me, the more that you will see that I am the almighty, invincible, everlasting, and eternal God. Long after the idols of men have been brought down, ground to powder and blown away by the winds, I remain and I bring forth the people who desire Me.

The ways of crafty invention are not intended for My people to be ensnared in. My people are meant to be given the light, the life, and the truth each day that they can be shown the power of My presence by and through following the commands and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

When My Son Jesus came to earth, He came sinless and helpless, in the sense that He came as a babe born of the Virgin Mary. He was brought forth in such a condition because he was dependent upon Me at all times to give Him all that He needed. By My protection and provision, He was kept, and when the time of His earthly ministry became evident, He was filled with My Holy Spirit to be with Him in all that He did to demonstrate the power of My kingdom.

While Jesus was adamant against the sin and hypocrisy of the priesthood of those days, He did not hesitate to declare and demonstrate My kingdom and the mercies that were available to those who would repent and receive. Jesus did not portray the miseries as something to look forward to in this life and in hell forever. Rather, He warned people of My wrath, fury, and indignation if they continued to sin and refused to repent.

His goal was to raise up disciples who would declare and demonstrate My kingdom and show forth the mercies of My heart towards humanity. However, He also gave strict warnings against those who purposely opposed His rule and His way because they were a law unto themselves.

The religious rulers of those days were definitely a law unto themselves, for they did not believe in Me, nor did they believe in My Son. They hated Him because they hated Me. They wanted to keep My people in the bondage of misery and use them only for their own gain. Jesus came to liberate the captives and to bring people to repentance and restoration to Me.