Lies and Defeat, or Truth and Victory

I speak unto you this day and I ask you: Where do you live each day? There are many who are saying that it is Me that they serve. However, that is not true, for they daily are living defeated lives because they believe lying demons. They are listening to the reports of demons and taking the same as their daily bread.

By listening to such, they live in delusion, confusion, and are not knowing what they intend to do. Some have become so controlled by the demon forces that they are living in total defeat day after day and are not able to rise above the same, yet they do not turn from the voices that hold them in captivity. They just go on in the yoke of bondage.

They are as caged animals, unable to escape the prison house of lies. Of course, I do not want My people to be adhering to demons and believing the lies that such forces give forth in order to keep their victims bound and bowing down to darkness. It is My intention that those who are declaring that they are Mine would pay heed to Me and walk daily in the way that I intend and provide for them, for that way is light.

Be aware that there is a constant war in the spiritual dimension, and the devil is continuously sending forth demon spirits to target with vengeance those who are claiming to be My people. He does this in order to captivate these people with lies once again and drag them back under his evil domain.

Those coming to salvation through My Son Jesus are being set free of the powers of darkness because they have come into the truth. By their conversion to Jesus, they represent His victory over the devil’s kingdom. This angers the wicked one. Because of the vileness and filthiness of his methods, he continues to attempt to get such as have escaped his powers back under his control.

Demons are sent forth in hordes to prey upon the believers who are not strong enough or aware enough to resist them and drive them off. Those who become hosts for demons will be manipulated by lies and liars and taken into the way that is ugly and will cause them sore distress and defeat in their lives.

As My people, you are not meant to become hosts to these spirits, whose goal is to steal, kill, and destroy through the lies they spew forth. You are meant to use the weapons that I have given to you and keep on using those weapons to prove that through Me you have victory.

My people are not meant to be continually oppressed and depressed; they are meant to be walking in triumphant victory over enemy forces. When My people are walking as victors rather than victims, they have the courage to declare My kingdom in the midst of a sin-sick, darkened, depressed and dying world.

The more that you are willing to address the negative forces for what they are, the more that you will find they have no hold on you. Then you’ll be ever encouraged to march onward in the purposes that I have for you and be uplifted in the invincible powers that I provide.

Those who truly want My way are going to be thankful that each day they are guided by My Spirit, and the same guides them not only in warfare, but in truth. The knowledge of the truth is a motivating force, and those who are in the way of victory over evil are the ones who are motivated to refuse, rebuke, and refute evil.

The way of true Christianity is not simply found in church attendance; it is found in obedience to the commands of My Spirit and in moving onward in the campaign to release the captives of sin from their chains. Christianity is meant to be a crusade for freedom, and the captives are meant to be set free.

However, because men and women thought that they could improve on My intentions, they have developed endless inventions in order to take the glory for their great achievements and boast of their accomplishments. Needless to say, they are laboring in vain, for they are choosing in opposition to My intentions and going after their own.

I do not call My people to seek out crafty inventions; I call them to submit to Me and to follow My Spirit, for My Spirit will lead them in the way of My purpose and My desire for them. It is indeed a good thing to know that you are not bound in captivity, and because you have been freed by the power of truth, you can likewise see others set free as you obey the Spirit’s commands to you.

Do not be listening to the many voices of deception that are in the world at this time. You are not meant to be defeated by listening to lies and the lying demons who tell those lies. Rather, you are meant to listen to and know the truth, for as you walk in the same, so are you walking in freedom.

Be aware of the price that My Son Jesus paid to see you set free, and do not ever cheapen that sacrifice by listening to demons and accepting their agenda. You are meant to remain faithful, true, and triumphant because you are choosing to trust Me and obey My commands each day. It is stupidity to follow the deceiver and be brought down in his lies. It is wisdom to obey and follow the Holy Spirit and be walking in victory by receiving the truth.

Do not imagine that you are meant to return to slavery once you have been set free. You are freed not for your own indulgences or self-motivated lives of happiness and carnal pleasure. You are freed from slavery to bear witness to those who are still bound and unable to free themselves.

The True Way is by multiplication and by the increase brought about by faithful followers who are walking in the steps of Jesus. These ones will not be ashamed, for they will be willing to declare the Kingdom in power and give Me praise!