Wayward, Wanton, Wandering, Wicked Whores

I speak unto you this day and I say that you are living in times when multitudes are focused on doing what they want and not what I want, and in such, they prove just how dumb they are. This is because when they are focused on doing what they want, they grow more and more distant from Me and the morality that I expect of them.

It is not just women that I am referring to, for there are plenty of males who are proving to be full of vileness in these times. While they may speak great swelling words and promote themselves as the ultimate, they are fools, for their hearts are not upon Me, nor do they care about the furtherance of My kingdom. These have gone after that which I never intended for them, and in so doing, they have proven themselves to be totally unworthy of Me and the mercies that I provide.

This issue of spiritual adultery and playing the whore is as old as the human heart and the fall of Eve in the Garden. When Eve fell for the seduction of the serpent in the Garden of Eden, she literally played the whore on Me. By listening to the lying words of deception, she took in the fabrication and pretension that accompanied the same.

Then, she likewise took the forbidden to her husband and enticed him into the same sin of partaking of the forbidden as she had committed. Then, they both became unfit for My kingdom, and by the same corrupted themselves by their choices.

Whenever My people choose in opposition to My will, they are choosing to play the whore with something or someone else, because they are adhering to whatever it is that they love more than Me. This sin of spiritual harlotry is basically idolatry because they are giving their love and affection to something or someone more than Me.

Know of a surety that My people are not meant to be wayward, wanton, and wandering far from Me, for in such a path that leads them down into the ditch of degradation, they are destroyed. Those who are choosing to align themselves with other gods are proving that it is not Me that they want to bear rule over them, for when any man, woman, child, or even nation turns aside from Me, they are going in the way of harlotry and they are pouring themselves out to demons.

If you consider, I never intended people to worship and bow to idols; I called them to be worshiping Me in purity and faithfulness. Those who choose to play the whore and sin repeatedly against Me are doing so because they love the pleasure of their transgressions and they literally want to be with the very forces of darkness.

Whenever people are caught up in the error of their own choices, they are left desolate by their transgressions. They do not find the satisfaction nor the fulfillment that the demons promise them they will find. It is foolish to follow demons, for their agenda does not change and they are the co-laborers with the devil.

In the times that you are living in, there is no end to the idiocy that is transpiring as the nations that once bowed to Me are far from Me, and the people who are under the wretched rule of demonized leaders are bound. Do not imagine that you must be in obedience to the very laws that these ones invent that take them down the road to destruction and damnation.

You are not meant to go a whoring from Me even for the purpose of obeying the laws of the land. Those who go along with the laws and declarations that take them into transgression against Me are choosing to play the harlot with the existing powers that are demonically inspired.

While people may brag on themselves as being “law abiding,” if it is not My standards that they are adhering unto, they are bragging on that which I consider to be rebellion, for they are choosing to follow after liars and lies rather than the truth and those who promote the truth.

Do not be as the foolish who are dumb and dull and literally want the sins they commit and have an insatiable appetite for such violations of Me. When people enter into covenants with Me, they are expected to keep those covenants and to come forth ever pleasing to Me as their Master and the One who has created them.

Those who are choosing to violate their covenants and vows unto Me are made unclean by their transgressions. Do not be as they are, for they are full of the iniquity of their own darkness, and by their choosing they are losing the path I have provided for them. By their own choices, they are cursed to wander, and they can never find satisfaction, as their commitments to Me are not real nor true, for they play the whore.

Therefore, do not go a whoring from Me and end up in the sins that cause people to lose their souls because they want to be ruled by demons. Keep yourselves clean and do not go in the way of transgressors, for that way will prove to be hard.

When you take a good look at the lives of people who have gone after darkness, know that in choosing darkness they are bound in the prison houses of sin by rebellion against Me. The whorish people of these times choose to follow fools because by being “law abiding” they become cleverly driven by demon-possessed leaders to their own damnation.

As My people, you are not meant to be easily swayed nor taken away from Me by listening to the liars and the lies they put forth to any who will eat of the same. Refuse the falsity, the darkness, and the demonic delights that the workers of darkness want you to be enticed by. Realize that any other way than the straight and narrow way I give is despair, death, and damnation.