Are You a Pretender or a Defender?

I speak unto you this day and I ask you plainly: Are you a pretender? That is, are you found in the company of those who are claiming that they love Me, yet their hearts are far from Me?

Such ones as these are foolish in My sight, for they are putting on a proud display and love to be seen of men for their shows of religiosity, yet their hearts are diamond hard, and they are actually as the priesthood who ruled My people in the days when Jesus came preaching repentance.

Pretenders are full of masquerades to be seen of men and to be accepted as true, when really they are wearing masks. While they may smile and shake hands, inside they resent the truth and want to see the messengers of the same brought down.

The emotions that they are reflecting are a vivid demonstration of their mistrust of Me and their own desire to be regarded as the ultimate source. The reality is that they work in opposition to My Spirit and they receive their commands from demon spirits rather than Me.

I do not want My people to be controlled by such hypocrites, for their leadership is full of darkness and they will turn My people’s hearts from Me. Therefore, realize that I do not call you to keep company with such pretenders who are only doing what they want because of their own lust for fame and gain.

These ones will go through formalities in order to deceive others, yet it is merely a show of religion, while their minds are full of evil thoughts, and they likewise commit wicked deeds behind closed doors. These ones are fools in My sight because they cannot hide their sins from Me, and they are the ones who are choosing to be losing because of their deeds. The reality is that these pretenders are possessed of demons, and it is the demons who rule them with corruption and darkness.

Be alert to the very fact that as My people, it is intended that you would be defenders of the faith and standing for the truth as My Holy Spirit leads you in the same. Throughout the ages, I have honored those who have stood steadfast in their commitments to Me.

Consider for example My servant Daniel the prophet, who lived in captivity from his youth onward, yet he remained faithful to Me. He did not put on a vain show for the enemies who held him in captivity. Rather, he remained faithful and true to Me and was willing to die rather than be untrue to Me.

Daniel is the perfect example of a man who did not waver according to the dictates of men but remained steadily and continually serving Me. He was not easily shaken by those who were threatening him and even tricked the king into signing orders that would cause him to be put to death.

However, Daniel did not bow to the circumstances and give way to those who wanted him dead. Instead, he looked to Me and considered that I would keep him. I kept him, and he continued to do My will and defend Me as his God and recognize Me as the One who bore rule over him.

So it has been with many of the Christian believers who have stood for My kingdom and were not ashamed to bear the identity of My Son Jesus. Such ones as were willing to undergo persecution, prosecution, imprisonment, and character mutilation in order to remain true are defenders of the faith. They will be counted worthy when they stand before Me, and even in these insane and profane times, the ones who will endure steadfast in their defense of the true faith will be counted worthy and are acceptable unto Me.

Of course, those who are following the directives and commands of My Spirit will not be found under the darkness that the pretenders live in as they are demonically controlled. Such as are focused totally upon My will and not their own will want to be true and not false with Me. They will walk humbly before Me and ask Me to remove pretension and hypocrisy from them, that they can indeed be directed in the pathway of My intention.

To those who are steadily making progress, there is no reason to assume that they are ever alone. They are not, for it is Me the Living God who has given to them the Holy Spirit, who dwells in them and is guiding them in My way.

Know of a surety that the Holy Spirit will help the true ones to discern the demon powers that are so actively attempting to get people caught in the traps that take them into death rather than life. You are not intended to be taken in death; you are intended to be brought forth and given the hope, the trust, and the faith that will keep you going onward in the war for souls.

The knowledge of My greatness will be applauded and spoken of by those who know Me as their God and have My Son as their Savior. They will desire to discern between good and evil because they are not playing church; they are determined to be real with Me.

This is the time that I am moving by My healing anointing, and multitudes in these times are desperately in need of deliverance from the demons who have them bound. Therefore, I do not hesitate to keep steadily honoring those who are defenders of the faith and glad to be counted among the redeemed. Those who are living in the attitude of gratitude will not be looking for ways to please themselves; they will be looking to please Me.

This in mind, do not be deluded, confused, and shown up to be absolutely dumb and numb. Rather be shown to be active, alert, and aggressive for your belief in Me. The more that you are defending My kingdom through your words and actions, the more that I am present to defend and keep you. Thank Me and praise Me.