Crushed by Sin

I speak unto you this day and I say that I do not call people to be crushed by sin, yet the numbers of those who are is ever increasing. I do not want My people to be found crushed by sin after they have been set free by the power that is found in the presence and the mercy of Jesus, My Son.

Those who are losing out with Me are doing so because they are the ones who are choosing to be losing. They lose by adhering to that which I never intended, nor did I provide for them. When those who have known Me and My mercies in their lives return to the misery of sin, I will cause them to bear the fruit of their choices against Me, and that fruit will prove to be bitter.

If you consider the parable of the prodigal son, he chose outside of the goodness and ample provision of his father’s house because he was living in the imagination that the world of sin was more exciting. He reached the point where he chose to follow the lies of demons and go out into the world and indulge himself in the same. When he left, he demanded his share of the inheritance to go and partake of sin and thereby squander his monies.

This means essentially that he proved that he was unfaithful and arrogant in his youthful folly. So, off he went, and as he did, he spent freely of his resource with no thought for the future. He drank, he danced, he bought prostitutes, he partied continuously with his “friends.” Then the day came that his monies were gone, totally exhausted by his demonic debauchery. He found that his so-called friends wanted nothing to do with him when his finances were exhausted.

In such a condition, he was homeless, helpless, and hell bound. In hunger and despair, he secured a position to live with and feed pigs, and he himself began to eat of the pigs’ food out of utter desperation and hunger. As time progressed, he found out that his position was ugly, and he was crushed by his own choices for sin.

He no longer was the son of his good and merciful father, for he had renounced the very family to which he had belonged. Inasmuch as he recalled how mercy flowed in his father’s household, he longed to return and became deeply repentant. In such a state of mind, he set his goal and made up his mind to return to his father’s house and plead to be forgiven and allowed to be only a servant.

The journey was not easy, and he suffered along the way as the demons tormented him with mental bombardments, yet in his own heart, he held to his convictions and commitment. When the father saw him from afar off, he made preparation for the welcoming of his once wayward and foolish son who had so foolishly squandered his inheritance.

As the son approached, the father made full preparation for a party of homecoming and forgiveness mercies towards this son who deserved nothing. Of course, the father knew of the change in the son’s heart and welcomed him who was as one returned from the dead. This son was now alive because he was repentant and humbled.

In such a condition, the son asked only to be allowed to be a servant. However, the father welcomed him and restored as his son. The son was given a royal welcome and treated with honor because his father was a man of mercy and well able to forgive and restore the repentant son.

The father knew that the miseries of the choices for sin that his son made had caused him to be crushed. However, the father likewise knew that the son actually needed the crushing he had undergone in order to be humbled and thankful to be forgiven and restored.

So it is that I watch the foolish sons and daughters who follow after folly and imagine that there will be no end to the “fun” they are having. However, they are chasing after the wind, for their choices are not for righteousness; they are for filthiness, and they will bear the bitterness of the same, as did the prodigal son.

When I see the ones who have returned to the wallow of sin, I do long for them to return to My divine family of love and to partake once again of the tender mercies that I provide. Those who choose to repent and return are welcomed by Myself and My family. I do not bear a grudge against them, for I want for them the best and I desire that they will not prove to be unworthy again.

As the restoration process is progressing, they are the ones who will need to seek for deliverance from the weight of demons in their lives. If they are delivered by the power that is in the name of My Son Jesus, then they become aware of an aspect of their inheritance they didn’t even know about.

In the revelation of the mercies that they receive in their lives and the freedom from the crushing powers of demon-motivated sins in their lives, they will set about to declare to others the deliverance power over demons. These ones will be in the forefront of the revelation revolution against the liar and his lying army of demons. They will not be ashamed to be under the Family Name, nor will they be lazy about seeing others set free from the crushing power of sin.

I do not advocate that My sons and daughters go in the way of the prodigal in order to be fully appreciative of My goodness. Yet, if they do, I allow them to experience the pain and agony of the same, as I desire them to realize how crushed they are and to choose against those sins and repent and return.

Therefore, be thankful that it is Me the Living God who does welcome home any sinner who repents, and does not hold their sins against them.