Deadly Desires

I speak unto you this day and I declare to you: Do not become a host for deadly desires. The devil and his demons will cause you to lose all love for Me, and you will no longer have holy desire for Me and My kingdom.

Be aware that there are multitudes in these times who are kindled with lust for the things that I have never intended, and in such lusts they are devoured. While they may imagine in their own hearts that they are all right and that I will accept them in their uncleanness and perversions, they are grossly deceived. This deception has come to them because they have allowed the deadly desires to take root within them and motivate them to evil.

Be aware that in these times there are demonic powers swarming vast multitudes and causing them to become more and more sinful, as the people readily accept the deadly desires as their own. The problems in their lives arise because they listen to the voices of demons rather than listening to the Holy Spirit, which is My voice, and obeying the commands of My Spirit.

When anyone lends their ears to the enticements and enchantments that demonic spirits will give to them, they are literally giving themselves over to be overwhelmed and taken into spiritual death. The road that leads to nowhere but their own death, damnation, and imprisonment in hell becomes the road that they are on. This road is for them the broad way wherein they wallow themselves in an abundance of wicked deeds as they fulfill the desires that they gave ear to.

The deadly desires are just that: deadly to any person’s wellbeing in Me, because they are wanting to fulfill the lust of their flesh that is being fed by demons. Repeatedly, they will find themselves encumbered, as the weight of their sins is unbearable, yet they are continuing to choose to remain on the road that leads to nowhere.

The sad thing is that many of those who are lured by deadly desires to go on the road that takes them nowhere were once on the road that I provide, that leads to somewhere, which is eternal life in Me. By yielding to the deadly desires, they found themselves totally unable to cope with the circumstances that faced them daily.

Because of the weightiness of their sins, they chose to indulge themselves in the substances that the demons pushed them to try, and the same gave them more reason to cry in the anguish of their lives of lies. Yet, in their heaviness and sorrow, they refused to repent and drove all the more recklessly and carelessly on the road to nowhere.

How utterly stupid and dull these ones who were once sensible with respect to their choices became on the road to nowhere. Over and over, I sent to them signs of warning of the dangers ahead. Such they neglected to obey inasmuch as within themselves they still wanted deadly desires. They became more and more possessed and driven by demons as they increased in the variety of sins they indulged themselves in.

However, they did not consider that they were actually going nowhere, because the road took them to the dead end, and they did not turn back while they still had the chance. So, because of their own choices, they could no longer be set free, inasmuch as they were imprisoned and the gate was shut behind them as they came to the dead end.

From there, things in their lives only became more and more intense and oppressive, and they were driven to the point of believing that death would bring them relief. Yet, because I am the God of mercy, I chose to send to them My messengers, who would encourage them to choose for the road to somewhere, as I am there and remain waiting for the wicked to repent and return to My fold.

Tragically, while some of these will be convinced and convicted of their sins, they have played around too long, and once rejoined to My family of love, they will grow bored and long once again in deadly desire for the forbidden. Then, like dogs who return to their vomit, they take up the very things that were deadly, and they die in their sins as they go back on the road to nowhere and are damned forever.

Literally, they will die in rebellion rather than accept righteousness as their way of life. This is because by their own permission they gave themselves over to deadly desires to the extent that the same proved to bring them to their own extinction.

Know that this scheme works on the rich, the poor, the young, the middle aged, and even the old. Likewise, leaders of nations, as they become increased in fame and gain, become travelers on the road to nowhere, and they force the people over whom they rule on that road.

Now, if you really stop and consider that the consequences of sin are bitter, why would you want to live in sin? Why would anyone entertain the deadly desires and allow them to take root? It is simply because they refuse to shut out the demands of demons.

Consequently, they are the ones who have left the door open for the deadly desires to come in and overtake them, as these demons use them for their hosts. No longer are these ones who have been toying with the deadly desires able to resist or refuse such desires, for they have become parasite infected. The delusions and insanity that they live under are crushing, and entire nations are devastated and destroyed as the leaders become increasingly more insane and lead the way to destruction.

Gone are the days when the people could live in peace because their leaders guided them somewhere that they could find joy in their lives. Instead, these insane leaders lead the people through their own deadly desires to death.