Works of Fear or Signs of Faith

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be confident in Me, for I am the One True God who remains long after men’s idols have crumbled, eroded, and blown away. The more that you will trust in Me, the more that you will be seeing how very powerful it is when My Holy Spirit pours out.

Far too many are fearful of seeing the acts of the Holy Spirit. They prefer to keep control and therefore they do their elaborate works to show how great they are. However, their great works do not show how great I am, for they are not wanting Me to receive the glory. They are taking the glory and keeping track of what they can do rather than seeing what I can do through My Spirit.

It is not impressive to Me when people are proud of their works because they are assuming that what they can do is what really matters. However, they are deceived, for I do not pay tribute to what people can do. I accept those who are obedient and full of faith in Me. People love to build their broad estates, make their fame and fortune off of using My Son’s name and doing nothing that pertains to the intentions I have for humanity.

When I sent My Son Jesus to earth, He did not build for Himself “a big church and an active ministry.” Rather, He spent His time in declaring the truth in the midst of religious liars and their captives who were trapped in religion. He declared to them My kingdom and demonstrated the same as He healed the sick, raised the dead, cast out demons, showing the power of My kingdom rather than attempting to show His own power and glory.

Oftentimes, people wanted to praise Jesus for His good deeds. However, He did not take the glory to Himself. He told them that I was the Good One, and that He was My Son. Those who heard His words and believed in Him were willing to repent and change their lives in order to be citizens of the New Kingdom He declared.

Of course, the religious leaders were jealous and envious of Him, for the people they had held in captivity were drawn to Jesus and desired to follow Him and the teachings He gave forth. Consequently, the wicked leaders conspired against Him and sought to bring Him to ruination by their vicious plots and schemes against Him. However, Jesus knew fully what they were up to, and He also knew that He was not called to be caught up in their traps of religious pride and arrogance. Rather, He was called to do My will and finish His course by honoring Me.

So it is that those who are My called and chosen are not meant to allow the enemies of My purpose to circumvent them and entangle them in the various schemes of wickedness that are ever present in the sin-sick and dying world. Rather, My called and chosen are meant to keep their vision single unto My intentions for them and not enter into the vain striving and proud competitions that exist among the religious.

When anyone starts to build, they need to see if they have sufficient to finish the project. Yet, when anyone is a co-laborer with Jesus, the Holy Spirit will supply what they have need to finish, for the strength and power that are found in and by My Holy Spirit are never ending.

Be thankful even this day that you do not need to be under the control of the demons of fear, for as you are under the control of the Holy Spirit, you will see that the signs of My kingdom will follow you, and many will see those signs and believe in Me.

I do not desire that men and women would claim that they love Me and follow My Son, yet they quench the Spirit and do not allow the working and the manifestation of the same. Those who are proving their own greatness are deluded by religious pride and are striving and building in vain. I have never intended that those who claim to be following My Son would lock out the very Spirit that Jesus sent to all who would be His disciples.

When you are truly in harmony with My Son’s example, you will not want to display how great you are. Instead, such proud thoughts will be recognized for what they are, and you will not want recognition for yourselves. Rather, you will be full of the Holy Spirit power and will see that the signs will follow your declarations of My kingdom.

The people of the world realize that they can talk big about a product, but it is usually the demonstration of that product that causes it to be a success. Yet many of those who are claiming they believe in My Son Jesus do not allow the Holy Spirit to demonstrate with signs following their teachings. Instead, they quench the Spirit and imagine they are keeping My people in safety. How dull and dumb they really are, for they are keeping My people from worshiping Me in Spirit and in truth.

Do not trust the religious reasoning that makes you trust your own understanding above the mind of My Spirit. The carnal mind is always an enemy to My purposes and despises the moving of My Spirit in the lives of believers. The end of carnality is corruption and damnation. Therefore, the old nature is at war with the new life that has been given to those who believe.

The religious reasoning will try to stop My people from being filled with the Holy Spirit and following the directives and commands of the Spirit. Those who listen to religious demons will become entangled in religious prison houses and lose all joy in their salvation. They will no longer seek to follow Jesus. Instead, they will be bound in dead religion, and their hearts will be cold towards Me.

Be welcoming the continuous infilling of the Holy Spirit and the signs of the living faith made manifest.