Are You Bound by Fear or Abounding in Faith?

I speak unto you this day and I say that I do not want My people to be found bound in the chains of fear. Rather, I desire that My people would be abounding in the faith that I have intended for them to walk in. Whenever people are bound in fear, they are tormented by the same, for the demons of fear are cruel and are easily multiplied. These particular demon spirits love not only to keep their host in misery, but also to jump on others who are near to or associated with their host.

It has never been My intention for people to be found ever bound in fear and lacking in the faith that I have intended for them to walk in each day. Because fear is forever tormenting and devastating to the faith of My people, I desire that they launch continual attack against fear, for it is the time for My people to be set free and remain free that they can do more for Me.

I do not intend that My people would be ruled by the ancient territorial demonic spirits that are ever present to deviate people from My purposes. Nor do I intend that My people would become homebound, wheelchair-bound, and even bedridden because they are so ensnared in fears of every imaginable shape, color, political persuasion, and creed.

I do want My people to turn from listening to the demonic powers that want to captivate them through the medium of fear and keep them ever in slavery and bondage to fear. My desire is that My people would see clearly and come forth triumphant over every demon of fear that has hindered them in their lives and their trust in Me.

When I declare that it is time to be made free, do not bow to the voices of fear and refuse to hear My Holy Spirit directing you into the way that is freedom. Be aware that far too many are made captives to fear because they easily surrender and compromise with the fears that beset them rather than using the authority that is in the name of Jesus and driving out the demons of fear.

You are not intended to be taken in by the powers of darkness and by the same live under the clouds of continual fearful foreboding. Do not be feeding on those things that motivate you to be full of fear and likewise easily overwhelmed. I want My people to realize that they are to wage war against fear and keep up that warfare all the days of their lives on earth.

Consider that when I sent Joshua into the Land of Canaan, there were in the land giants, huge beings who were skilled in warfare. Likewise, there were fierce and angry tribes who did not bow to anyone and had command of territories that I had designated for My people. To imagine that Joshua did not have to face fear every day is delusional. He had to face fear head on and confront the same with boldness and courage.

He and the troops that he commanded had to be resolute in their determination to be victorious and to conquer the forces that were ever to resist the invasion of My people into the Land of Canaan. I sent My people forth into a territory that I intended for them, and they were not skilled men of war.

In fact, they were only forty years out of the captivity of slavery in Egypt, and their forty years had been in the wilderness, with no military training camps. Joshua himself was not a young man full of his own strength and energy. Joshua was an elder in fact. He was eighty years old and had not the strength and vigor of youth upon him.

He heard My Spirit tell him to be strong and courageous, for I intended to be with him, and it was My strength that would be imparted to him as he kept his vision upon Me. Never did I want him to be found bound in fear, for the same would bring defeat and death. I directed him and the troops in battle, and they only fought as I designated them to fight.

In fact, the majority of their battles were not by their might, not by their power, but it was by the guidance of the Holy Spirit that they gained miraculous victories and were able to advance into the Land of Promise. It was imperative that Joshua and his army remained in obedience, for in the obedience they had My life in them. When disobedience was found, the campaign was halted.

These things were recorded that My people would understand that in order to be victors and not victims, they need to remain in obedience and to maintain their trust in Me rather than their circumstances. The more that My people kept their vision single, the more that their faith and trust in Me were rewarded and increased.

Never did I tell My people to be frightened by the magnitude of their enemies. Repeatedly, My message to Joshua, which was imparted to the people, was to be strong and of a good courage, and I would go with them to conquer the peoples of Canaan.

Be aware that when I make promises to My people, those promises seem like impossible dreams if one is to evaluate by carnal reasoning and interpretation. However, if one keeps steadily looking to Me, what appears to be impossible is made possible.

Therefore, do not let fear keep you bound. Drive out fear and refuse the lies of the demonic powers that want you chained and enslaved to them. Remember, I am the God of armies, and I can bring defeat to any force of darkness as My people are trusting in Me as their source and their commander.

Do not be bound in fear. Rather be abounding in faith, hope, and trust in Me, for I am indeed the One who will guide you forth by a plain path and give you lasting victory over fear.