My Spirit Is Power

I speak unto you this day and I say: Arise in the power of My Spirit, for the same will embolden and encourage you to proclaim My kingdom, and people’s ears and eyes will be opened to the same. I do not want My people to be dead and dry in their relationship with Me, whereby they become merely religious robots with no Holy Spirit power in their lives. Those who are Mine are meant to be walking in the power of My Spirit each day and kept in the pathway that I have ordained by the guiding of My Spirit.

This day, stop and consider what a privilege you have to be filled with the invincible power that only I can provide to the ones who are welcoming My Spirit and coming forth in the joyous power of the same. The more that you will be adhering to My desire for you, the more that you will understand that My Spirit is ever present with you and that you are not alone.

If you look at the people who are full of demonic spirits, they are filled on wickedness and evil. Their motivations and their actions are corrupt because they are adhering to the command of demons, and therefore they can do nothing except go down deeper and deeper into the chambers of darkness and sin.

The times that you are in are extremely evil, and the wicked imagine that they will rule forever over My people and see them completely destroyed. However, these proud and deceived fools are failing to realize that I have enduring commitment towards My people. I am well aware that My people have many times failed to follow Me and gone after that which I never intended for them. Then, I in My Love do chasten them for a season, but that chastening does not last forever.

The truth is that I actually allow My people to be under the hand of the evildoers for only as long as it takes for My people to truly repent and return to Me. As they do so in obedience to the commands of My Holy Spirit, I move by My Spirit power to bring down the enemies who imagined that they held My people in captivity forever.

I am not mocked, and those who imagine that they can punish My people forever and never be held accountable are fools, for I am the very God who is omnipresent, and when My people are repentant, then their oppressors are punished by Me in great severity for the wickedness they have done against My people.

Be aware that as you are walking in My Spirit, you will see the power of the same made manifest, and you will behold the miracles that I do for the ones who have been bound by the workers of iniquity. Remember that it is Me the Living God who has enduring commitment to My people. My wrath does not remain against them when they repent and desire to be restored to Me.

Therefore, do not grow weary in well doing; simply continue to look to Me and believe in what it is that I will do for you each and every day. The more that you are found in cooperation with My intentions for you lives, the more that you will receive My mercies and My miracles, for it is My pleasure to give to you the same.

It is not a shame to call upon Me, no matter how desperate or depressing your circumstances may appear, for I am the One who does hear the cries of those who recognize their utter need of Me and express the same. Yes, it is Me the Living God who knows the sorrow and the pain that My people go through, and it is Me who does send them help in the midst of hopeless circumstances.

Do not let the enemies encamp around your mind and squeeze your mind into compliance with the agenda of death and damnation that is so present in these times. You are to resist, refuse, and rebuke the powers of darkness and insanity that are rampaging throughout the land. As My true ones, keep yourselves under the mind of My Spirit, for the same will cause you to have clarity of purpose in Me.

It is indeed a good thing to be directed, corrected, and instructed in the truth. Inasmuch as it is the truth that shall set you free from demonic hindrances and false burdens, be thankful as you gain revelation by the power of My Spirit and your understanding is increased.

I do not find pleasure in those who want only to open their mouths and speak forth declarations of rebellion and mistrust of Me while they are under pressure. To do so is not wise, for the demonic spirits ride on the words of rebellion and mistrust of Me. Then a person who refuses to guard his own mouth is taken down under the declarations of doubt that were put forth by allowing his tongue to take off on a spree.

Use the power of My Spirit to tame your tongues and refuse to yield to the pressure of demons. Rather confound the demon spirits, and when under their pressure, turn on them and begin to praise and exalt Me. As you do so, the power of My Holy Spirit will be stronger than the demon spirits that wanted to see you depressed and in deep despair.

Those who are full of My Spirit power are the ones who will know the joy that I give to them, and they will be reflecting the light, the love, the life that are in My kingdom. As My people, you are not meant to be bound as captive slaves to sin and the dark powers who rule the legions of demons. You are meant to be free by receiving the truth and obeying the same as it is given to you by My Holy Spirit.

With consideration of these things, do not yield to the insanity, profanity, and perversity of these times. Yield to the sanity, the safety, the purity that are ever present as you are full of the Spirit of power and glory.