My People Belong to My Kingdom

I speak unto you this day and I say that My people belong to My kingdom and they are not meant to follow after the kingdoms or the insane rulers of the world. Inasmuch as those who are in authority over the nations are not operating out of soberness and sanity, these leaders are bringing multitudes into ruination and damnation. This is because they are putting forth laws that are in disobedience to My standards and rules of conduct.

Because of the abuse of power, many of these leaders are operating out of arrogance and drunken pride in the powers they have been given. They do not function according to the fear of Me as the Almighty. Rather, they have made the assumptions that they are almighty, and they are grossly deceived in such delusions. However, because they are operating under the auspices of demonic powers, they do not hesitate to make decisions and dictates that are destructive.

I do not want My people to be bound by such dictates and by the same lose their respect and regard for the truth and the power of the truth. My people are not meant to look at themselves as the citizens of this world. Rather, they are to see themselves as pilgrims who are passing through. This is because they are headed to the eternal kingdom of righteousness and holiness wherein I make My abode. I want My people to keep their vision single unto My purpose and plan for their lives and to do the planned purpose that I have for them.

In these times of arrogance and disrespect, there are many dictates that come forth that are contradictory to others that are existing, and this is because the use of alcohol and drugs is rampant among the ones who are in rule. Many decisions are not made with respect to decency or sensibility, and with regard for My intentions for humankind. Rather, those who are making decisions are under the influences of substances that are altering their already warped perceptions even more.

So it is that as time progresses, more deterioration and determination for damnation sets in on these demon-possessed leaders, and the people under their dictates are led into the ditch of despair. The moral standards are deteriorated, and debauchery is common among those who are submitting to such despotic and power-lusting idiots as are in rule.

There are not many people who can bear rule in integrity. The majority, when given authority over others, do not maintain righteousness and integrity towards Me. Instead, they choose to become pleasing to people. Then they turn around and take after the foolish who are so impudent and arrogant and cause them troubles.

To put it plainly, there is no lasting loyalty to be found with these leaders and their dumb followers. Double-crossing is a common way of life, as well as undermining, violence, and even arranged murders. Such conduct is being exhibited among the so-called superpowers of these times.

I do not want you to be caught up in the politics and policies of this world, because demons are in control over the entire political arena. With this in mind, be aware that I do not want My people to be so absorbed in the affairs of worldly political powers that they are tossed to and fro, up and down by the waves of iniquity that are washing over the land.

With the perspective of godliness, those who are Mine are meant to seek for My wisdom and follow in the way that I do intend and provide. I do not withhold My wisdom from those who seek for it and obey the Holy Spirit, as they are privileged to be guided daily into more and more truth.

I do not leave My people to wander in desolation and despair without any sense of direction. Therefore, be glad to know that you can indeed be serving Me each day and following after the way of righteousness rather than walking in the ways of wickedness.

When there are extremely evil men and women who rule, remember that they set it as their goal to exterminate certain parts of the populace. Likewise, they make it their intention to exalt the wicked, the evildoers, and to give them praise for their abominations and deviations from Me. Therefore, realize that there are many enticements and enchantments that are found in the broad way, but those are merely the masquerade of demon powers who are fulfilling the devil’s agenda to steal, kill, and destroy.

Do not live under the expectation that there is peace on earth when men and women are living in opposition to Me. I do not want you to be in opposition; I want you, as you claim to love Me, My Son, and My Spirit, to be in subjectivity and continual surrender to My will for your lives.

Those who oppose My will are literally putting themselves under subjectivity and surrender to demons and are making their preparations for their own devastation and damnation. Be thankful this day that you can look to Me and know that My way is not full of filthiness and wickedness. Rather, My way is for the ones who want to please Me at all times.

I do not want you to be found absorbed in foolishness and by the same be taken into the web of wickedness. Rather, I want those who are Mine to be respectful and reverent to Me and knowing that in My rule there is soberness, safety, and sanity. The end of those who have yielded to insane demons is simply the course of self-destructive deviations ending them in damnation.