To Know Jesus

I speak unto you this day and I say that I desire that you would know Jesus and that you would pattern yourselves after Him and live in the way that I ordain for My people to walk in. When Jesus came to earth as a man, My people were in terrible shape, and those who were their religious leaders were very corrupt and cared nothing for the people they ruled in cruelty. The people were under the governmental rule of the Romans, and they likewise were very brutal and mean.

This is why I sent Jesus, because the people were in desperate need of the message of repentance that He came bringing to get them to be reconciled to Me as their heavenly Father. I did not intend for men, women, and children to be bound in the religious hypocrisy that was so cruel and common in those days. Rather, it was and is My desire that people would come unto My Son Jesus and learn to know Him as their Savior and Lord.

The more that people were motivated by love for Him, the more that they would choose His way and likewise know Me. Jesus coming to mankind marked a new era and brought forth the New Testament, whereby My people would accept and proclaim Him as the lasting sacrifice who died for all. The story of Jesus is not a fable; it is the truth, and it is the extension of My mercy to the world. He gave Himself as the substitute for all who would believe upon Him to cover their sins and put them in reconciliation to Me.

Now, it is not the time for people who are sons and daughters of My kingdom to hide away because of the cruel rule of the governmental officials. This is the time to stand boldly and proclaim that He is the ultimate and that He is King, for He reigns forever.

Far too many national leaders at this time are ruling with brutality and cruelty similar to the Roman Empire. Therefore, the proclamation of My kingdom of mercy is needed. Therefore, I desire that the ones who are claiming to be Mine would allow My Spirit to set them on fire that they be burning with divine desire and be wanting to know Jesus in His power, His glory, and His humility.

It is the time for the declaration of My kingdom to be declared in boldness and courage. I will be with the ones who have sought to know My Son and follow Him wherever He leads. This is not the “church age,” for the leaders, as in the days of Jesus’ pilgrimage, have grown corrupt, hypocritical, and lustful for money and fame. In their inordinate lust for money, they have taken up the root of evil and cover My people with the same.

For those who cry out for righteousness, there is only wickedness to be found. However, no longer will My people be left to wander because the so-called shepherds, who are hirelings, have left them and deserted them in the face of danger and deadly demonic powers.

For this reason, I am closing down the “church age” as men have known it to be, for it is useless, and I am bringing in righteousness revolution, whereby men, women, and children will practice daily repentance and dedication. I will have My Spirit handpick, as Jesus handpicked His disciples by the guidance of the same Spirit, the ones who will be the disciples.

This is the time when religion will undergo great shaking, and all that is false and hypocritical will be brought down. Likewise, there will arise the time of relationship and this will become the reality of daily life for My true people. No longer will the wolves be able to hide in sheep’s clothing, and no longer will adulterers be honored and praised. Those who are full of sin and darkness will either repent or be exposed and banished from the gatherings of those who are true.

Therefore, if you are a true follower, this is the time to humble yourselves and cry out for Jesus to be revealed, not only to yourselves but to others likewise who are hungering and thirsting for the truth that He is.

The world at this time is ruled by lies, led by lying leaders who have no thought for eternity and want to see people under perversity, profanity, and insanity. This is because these leaders are of the same vile breed as were those of the Roman Empire, whose motto of conquering was with cruelty and brutality.

Because My people have gone to sleep and are lolling in the false peace of comfort and complacency, they have not been the salt and the light to this sin-sick and dying world. They have been involved in the world and have wasted their inheritance in My kingdom.

Therefore, when the churches are found under governmental control and the sheep are scattered, the ones who are awakened by the reality of the times will run into relationship. It is in this relationship that the return to righteousness will be birthed and brought forth.

People will literally be repulsed by their own former behaviors towards My Son, Myself, and My Spirit. They will cry out in repentance and plead to know Jesus, and I will have mercy on them. The ones who want to be driven into the governmental controlled congregations will be prisoners of the same.

The line is being drawn, and the choices for eternity are being put before people. Those who want to continue in their old modes will find them gone, banished by the wicked leaders of nations who have sought for global control. These will either repent and find relationship with Jesus, or be damned. The ones who are true will rejoice for the reality of knowing Jesus as their King, their Savior, and Lord. They will unite and be one with Me.