Blown Away by the Winds of Adversity

I speak unto you this day and I say that you are in times of furious strong winds of adversity, when many things that were are being blown away because they were not secured properly. Likewise, there are some winds that come up suddenly and with such fury that nothing is safe from them.

I do not intend for you to be found under such winds; I intend for you to be under My covering, for it is My desire to protect you from harm. Therefore, in this wicked and perverse generation, be thankful that it is Me the Living God who will shelter you in the storms that are raging against the wicked. Such storms are sent by Me to punish the wicked for the evil they do against others and to destroy their riches gained by dishonest gain.

Be aware that I know fully of the manipulations that the wicked use in order to make gain of both riches and fame. They want to be recognized as being so great, when really they are not great at all. In fact, in My sight they are fools, for they build their lives on wickedness rather than righteousness. They have chosen by their own actions and plans to go for the way that leads to death and damnation of their souls.

Just because men complain against My way does not mean that I alter the winds of adversity they so justly deserve. Be aware that because the wicked have spread themselves out in proud array, they are presuming that what they have gained and their fame will remain forever.

However, they do not stop and consider that there are consequences to their choices, and while they make their riches off of the poor and by deceitful means even rob widows’ houses, they fail to realize their eternal end is hell. There is none who can buy their own destiny with the riches of this world.

Those who are choosing for eternal punishment are fulfilling My will in such, because they are worthy of the places in hell that they secure. They make no preparation for anything other than the here and now, whereby they are living in the luxury of their own choices and evil schemes. Day and night, they are focused on doing evil and are proud of the same. They do not stop and consider that all that they choose is evil. They are lifted up in pride and have contempt for the ones who are true to Me.

When men and women grow arrogant and deluded by their own estimation of their worth, they are failing to realize that before Me they are worthless, for their deeds and their dreams are wickedness rather than righteousness. To know to do right and to choose in opposition to what I have established for people to walk by is to put oneself in the pathway of destruction, devastation, and damnation.

There are endless multitudes who choose the easy way because they somehow believe that they can achieve and deceive and never receive retribution for their choices and actions of evil. However, I the Living God know the ones who are wicked, and they will receive their just retributive rewards, which will be to see the destruction and devastation of all of their accumulated powers.

Yes, I will not withhold the winds of adversity that will blow so strongly against them that they will not be able to save what they have considered to be so invincible. Truly, when I the Living God do send what men have called “natural disasters,” they cannot stop the disasters.

While they imagine that they are impenetrable and totally secure, they are deluded. When I the Living God do send forth My wrath, fury, and indignation, the only ones who are secure are the ones who are paying heed to My dictates given through the Holy Spirit to them. Those who are trusting in their own strength and so-called securities will see the same utterly destroyed by the winds of adversity.

Because men and women live under the coverings of insanity and perversity in these times, they imagine that I do not even exist. They are so drunk on their pride and contempt for My people that they believe that they will go on forever and not have to pay for the insane decisions they have made. Needless to say, their assumptions are absolutely false, and the dictates of demons that they pay heed to will take them down the road to their own despair and devastation.

Do not listen to them, for they are fools who will be destroyed in their folly, and although they will display their fury over their losses, that does not move Me to extend them mercy. Their wickedness has determined their losses, and they will not be able to regain favor with people they have ruled in cruelty and oppression.

In these times, the whole world is covered in wickedness and gross darkness, and the leaders who have made their gain and their fame off of their cruel, oppressive and insane actions will see that the reactions to them are adverse. I will send the magnitude of My wrath against them, and some will be brought down by their own companions. These have grown weary of the increasing wickedness of these lustful and greedy leaders who refuse wise counsel.

Those who have chosen to live in the madness of demonic rule over the sanity and safety of godly rule will see that their end is inevitably damnation of their souls and they cannot reverse the same. Know that there will be a righteousness revolution and it shall come of Me, for I reign supreme.

The winds of adversity against those hell bound in their perversity and insanity will blow so hard that nothing will remain as it was. Be thankful that in such times as these I will provide and protect the righteous who continue to seek their counsel of My Spirit and shun the counsel of demons.