Cloned for Criminal Collapse

I speak unto you this day and I say that there are vast multitudes who have been cloned for criminal collapse, which means essentially that by the various means of manipulation by the wicked who are in rule, people are being cloned to believe everything that is put forth to cause collapse.

This cloning is mental mind control whereby demonic powers are continually being unleashed and swarming the minds of the populace. It is intended by the dictators who are growing more and more excessively tyrannical that people are being herded into the corral of criminal collapse. The intention is for vast multitudes to be participants in the criminal collapse to do away with all righteousness and to bring in total wickedness.

Those insane rulers who are literally possessed by their lust for power and absolute control are vying to see who can bring an end to all forms of belief in Me as well as any remaining standards of upright behavior. These driven and possessed fools see themselves as gods and unable to be brought down as they are believing that no one can stop them.

Over and over, such global madness as is being displayed shows quite clearly that men and women are obviously controlled by demon powers of insanity. While these despotic authoritarian adulterers have so manipulated and adulterated everything in order to alter such from how I have created people to be, in the onslaught of transgender worship and idolatry of their manipulative control of the youth of this hour, they are responsible for self-inflicted death and destruction of youth who have swallowed their lies and promotions.

This attempt by power-driven idiots has clearly been evidenced, and around the globe, power-hungry men and women are manipulating the youth to be their victims, while they are demanding more and more young for sacrifice. These youth are being sacrificed through wars, disputes, and manipulative tactics of perversion to cause such ones to be swallowed up in death and destroyed for the cause of nothing except the fantasies of mad men.

How is it that people are able to be cloned into such wretchedness and misery? It is because the wicked have done everything to eradicate all belief and trust in Me. Such men and women as these are directly responsible for bringing ruination and devastation to an entire generation of young people, who find themselves caught up in the murder machines of dictators.

This manipulative cloning is the scheme and plot of those who are wicked and have become absolutely authoritarian and tyrannical in their tactics. However, be aware that the wicked will not win, and it is Me the Living God who is well able to overthrow them in all of their imaginations that they will remain forever.

The only place that they will remain forever is in hell, where they will be given the terrors of their own tyranny multiplied. They will never be able to declare war, nor call in their troops, nor promote their agendas of destruction. Rather, they will live continually in the agonies of the damned, and the blood of an entire generation will be required of them. Over and over, they will see their sins and receive the punishments they so justly deserve.

The reality is that I am not mocked, and those who are attempting to mock Me and everything that I have created will find that they are required by Me to pay repeatedly, for their end is destruction and there is no escape for them. Therefore, be aware that when men have become so outlandish in their evil schemes, there will be revolution against them, and they shall be overthrown by My power upon the people who want righteousness.

I do not want people to be under the power of tyrannical terror; I desire that men and women would cry out to be under My power once again. Of course, if you consider that I reign supreme and I have destroyed many nations and their insane leaders in times past, so I can and will do now.

The ones of any nation who cry out to Me will know My mercies, and I will deliver them from My impending wrath, fury, and indignation. The clones who love their captivity will be destroyed and devoured in the fury that I shall unleash upon the wicked.

As My people, do not offer false compassion to demons, for they will attempt to manipulate your minds to believe that their agendas are “all right” and respecting of human rights. However, their agendas are “all right” only for the ones who are under the coverings of insanity and love the madness of the same.

Reality is that I will bring forth the righteousness revolution, and the remnant who have stayed true to Me will see that I am the victorious and the wicked will be brought down by My power.

Consider that I am the Creator, and when men think they can undo what I have created and make their own crafty inventions and the same will be a “superior breed,” they show how insane they are. Of course, they are totally demon possessed and enjoying the craziness of their clones. Yet, these fools are short-sighted, and in such, they will be devoured and destroyed, and even some of their victims in the “superior breed” will turn on them.

These disenchanted people who have suffered under the surgeons’ hands and the stupidity of power-driven leaders will turn against the very “masters of invention” and cry out against their craziness. Yes, this is the time when I will hear the cries of the righteous, the cries of the victims of cloning, and the cries of those who hate the cruelty of insane demon-possessed leaders.