Demonic Repossession: Dangerous and Deadly

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be aware that demonic repossession is always a present danger and is deadly because the demons return multiplied. When you see people who are completely possessed by demons to the point that they are talking to imaginary people and believing that the same are there, know that they are under the control of insane demons.

There are multitudes who were bound in trespasses and sins and have been liberated by the power of My Son Jesus. However, they do not understand that their deliverance is a free gift that came to them through their salvation in and through Jesus. Inasmuch as they are presuming that they can indulge their fleshly lusts and cravings, they become more filled with demonic powers than before. In fact, they are filled with spirits seven times worse than before.

This invasion came because they opened the door to demon powers by believing the invitation and enticement of evil spirits that came knocking at the door of their minds. When they made the decision to sin again, they did not realize that in so doing their lives would be full of terrible and deadly demonic powers.

Jesus, when He came to earth as a man and demonstrated the power of My kingdom, He set many free who were possessed of demons. This He did because He was, and is, the merciful. Yet He also gave the warning to those who had been the miserable captives of demons to not return again unto bondage, or their captivity would be much worse than before.

Know that the warning He gave is absolutely true, and to play around with demonic repossession is to play around with dangerous and deadly spirits. The devil has not changed his agenda, and he is always present to bring down those who will listen to his words of enticement and enchantment. Know that when anyone who has been set free returns to captivity, they become more impacted and infested with demon powers than they ever experienced in their lives.

The devil hates to see men, women, and children who he has in captivity be set free. If such ones become active and aggressive in their Christian walk, then he marks them as special targets, and they are singled out for destruction and damnation.

After he has targeted them, he sends forth demons who want to deviate the new believers, or even the ones who should be well established, by convincing them that there is no harm to be found in a little sin. The demons do not identify themselves as evil. Rather, they entice the person to believe that they need a little “recreation” and/or “entertainment.”

Once the hook is swallowed, as the bait was irresistible, the person becomes totally victimized and overwhelmed with darkness. Others are slowly seduced by the cares of this life, by the call of the world to become wild, or simply because the lust of the flesh will not leave them alone.

The solution is given in My written Word, whereby people are meant to remain submitted to Me, then to resist the devil and know that the demon powers have to flee. The majority refuse to resist, refuse, and refute demons. They would rather submit than fight back.

Choices made out of laziness and slothfulness will bring about dangerous, devastating, and deadly demonic repossession. Many who are absolute slaves to demon powers in these times are such because they opened their eyes and their ears to the devil’s world and refused to resist enticement and were likewise invaded.

Stop and consider: Jesus did not die for people to return again unto sin and lap up the filth of the same. No, He called them to die to themselves, and that means all of their fleshly lusts, to take up the cross, and to follow after Him. How privileged are those who hear the “call to all” and obey the same, not begrudging or resenting that call, but giving way in full abandonment to the way that I had intended for them to walk in.

Realize that there is a way, the broad way, that many go into because they believe that they can have the world and have My Son. They have fallen into the quicksand of worldliness, and they will be sucked under in the same. I do not put them there; it is they who choose, and by their own choices, they lose out with Me.

When you see those who are locked in losers’ land, know that their captivity is by their own choices against Me. They chose to be on sinking sand rather than on the rock of Jesus as their foundation. Consequently, they are being sucked deeper and deeper into the sand of death that is taking them down in sin and abomination.

The more that people listen to the demons who control their lives, the more they sin and grow hateful and vindictive towards Me. I absolutely do not call people to such places; they are the ones who are choosing to be losing. I do not want you to be subject to demonic repossession, nor to be caught up in the traps, snares, entanglements, enticements, and indictments that the evil powers will throw at you.

Many people who listen to the voices of demons end up in deep despair and are driven to violence, whereby they cause harm to others as well as themselves. Know of a certainty that I do not put them there; they put themselves there. Some look at death as their only escape and desire the same. However, they do not realize that their deaths will cause them to be transported to hell.

Do not open your hearts to demonic leeches who want to drain you of the new life found in and through Jesus. Rather resist, refuse, and rebuke those evil powers wanting to repossess you!