Out of the Valley of Dry Bones to New Life

I speak unto you this day and I say that nothing is impossible with Me, for I alone am the God of impossibility, and what men cannot do, I can do. Therefore, keep looking to Me as the One who is able to resurrect the dead and likewise to use those who are dead in trespasses and sins as they are raised up in newness of life. If you stop and consider, it is Me the Living God who gives life, and it is Me the Living God who brings death.

When I call for those who are dead in their sins to be raised up, it is because I have a purpose for them, and that is to become My great army of men and women who will be used for the furtherance of My kingdom. While men of the world are bragging on their great forces, once such troops are dead, they remain so. However, it is not so with Me, for I am the One who is, and I will resurrect the dead as it pleases Me.

If you consider the miracle of Jesus, My Son, who was cruelly crucified and laid in the tomb as dead forever, He did not remain there, for it was Me the Living God who caused Him to be raised up in the newness of life that showed clearly that He had completed His journey and was to return to Me. In His example of living, dying, and rising from the dead, Jesus displayed how invincible My powers are, and that as He obeyed, My glory was displayed openly so that those who imagined they had won actually lost.

Therefore, in these times of trouble, terror, and turmoil, do not be fearful of death, for you are meant to be aware that it is Me the Living God who is in control, and it is Me the Living God who will uplift you and guide you forth by a plain path, and in the same, you will be uplifted, refreshed and renewed.

While the world’s people are found floundering, not knowing which way to go or what is coming next, I want My people to know that in Me they find the strength and the safety that they have need of, for I will give to them the same. Keeping this in mind, know that I have intended, and I do not back up from My intentions, to keep you in the midst of such turmoils as are present and increasing daily.

There are vast multitudes who believe that the “end of the world” is coming. However, they are failing to see that the world will only end when I give the command for the same. The generations that are determined for damnation are choosing to be losing, and they will experience the “end of the world” for themselves, because they will die and end in hell.

However, that does not mean that everyone presently upon this earth will experience “the end of the world.” What that means is that they will die and not be resurrected, because while they lived, they were a stench to Me, and when they die, their stench is unbearable, and hell is the depository for them.

I desire that My people be aware of My miracle powers and that they declare the same to those who are dead in trespasses and sins. This is because I want to see souls saved from the penalty of death and damnation. The ones who hear the good news of My Son Jesus, who has paid the price for them to be redeemed, and choose for Him will be brought forth in hope.

It is in Me the Living God that the very hope to live rather than die is found. Those who are choosing to believe in Jesus and following after His example will see that there is no end to what I can and will do through them. My people are not meant to be under the fears that are besetting the heathen and causing them to live in darkness and despair. My people are meant to shine forth in the midst of darkness and be lights in this dark world.

Therefore, do not look at the times and give up in despair; look to Me and partake continually of that which I intend and provide for you to live in. Be aware that in and by Me you are raised up and renewed time and again because you are following My Spirit rather than demons.

Those who are found under the instruction and direction of demons are being driven to commit gross sins and abominations, causing them to end in damnation. These multitudes are hopeless and helpless to defend themselves against the evil powers that have them in the prison houses of sin.

However, as My true ones declare the light, the love, and the life that is found through Jesus, such ones as these can and will be raised up from the dead. When any man, woman, or child hears the command to repent and follow Jesus, they are given the chance to be truly made alive.

Inasmuch as I am the Living God, I will have a people who are very much alive, because they will know the power that I provide as they are following the leading and guiding of My Spirit. Such as these will not be dry bones lying in desolation; they will be living epistles declaring what I am able to do. Their very lives will be an example of the power that I provide and the miracles of mercy that are ever present to those who are looking to Me.

It is Me the Living God who can determine if the dry bones will be raised up as a demonstration of My power and glory. Those who once were dry bones and have been given the ability to live again in the resurrected glory will know that it is Me who has given to them the ability to be alive.

Do not look to the condition that people are in and imagine that there is no hope for them as they are going down lower and lower. There is always hope if people turn to Me and accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord, then follow My Spirit out of the valley of dry bones and up to the mountaintop of victory.