As Jesus Came, so Shall His Followers

I speak unto you this day and I say that as Jesus came to bring truth to the earth, so shall His true followers. All who really are true to the call that I give forth through My Son Jesus will walk in His steps and they will not follow any other gods or goddesses. This is because Jesus is the One that I have given as the pattern Son, and those throughout the centuries who have followed Him have brought truth to their generations.

So it is that just as He was an outcast for the truth He brought, so shall those who follow Him be regarded as the same. Therefore, if you are following Jesus, keep steady in His path, for you are not meant to deviate and look for any other way. You are meant to keep steadily walking in the way that I have ordained for you.

Therefore, in this wicked, perverse, and vile generation, do not be easily deviated from the way that I have prepared for you. You do not need to try and figure out the way. Simply pray and ask My Spirit to guide you, and you will be guided each day. It is indeed a great blessing to be found adhering to what you are called and chosen to do in this earth, and to keep steadfast at the same.

Those who remain attentive to Me will find that My goodness covers them and they know My mercies and My miracles. On the other hand, so shall those who are following demons be found under ugliness, and they are covered by the traumas and troubles that beset those who believe lies rather than truth.

Stop and consider how foolish it really is to follow the course of demonic powers, when you could easily follow the path that is already prepared for you, wherein My Spirit is ever present as your guide and counselor. Yet, people in these times are absolute fools, for they are choosing in opposition rather than cooperation with Me.

If you look at the levels of degradation and debauchery that are commonplace, it is easy to see why I brought the Great Flood. It was because of the sins of humanity that I destroyed the known world of those days. I gave them sufficient warning as My prophet Noah built the ark in front of them, and they mocked him for the warnings he gave them. However, the mockers and scoffers were destroyed and they were all drowned in the flood, and the ark remained.

So it is currently. I have sent forth My prophets, My messengers, giving forth warnings of My impending wrath, fury, and indignation coming in great magnitude, and the mockers and scoffers carry on in their ridicule. These ones who refuse to repent will be the ones who are taken by death and end in damnation and are locked in the prison house of hell forever.

No matter how great they imagine themselves to be, in the end they will face great punishments in hell because they chose to reject and refuse the truth when the same came to them through the vessels I sent to give warnings. There will be no repentance in hell, for those who are sealed in the same cannot ever expect to be released, nor can they expect to be paroled after they have served their time.

They are imprisoned for eternity, which means there is no end to the torments and vexations they shall face continually. Nor do they ever know what is termed as rest from the agonies they undergo. What they chose in their earthly journeys is what will pursue them continually as their sins and transgressions are repeatedly replayed and they are mocked by their own proud and defiant words against truth.

Know that I am not to be mocked, and the ones who mocked My Son, who mocked My prophets, and who continue to mock My messengers will all be in the same agonies and torments. Those who were national and global leaders who thought themselves to be invincible will find themselves locked in and not able to be set free. Those who believed in false gods and or goddesses will not be released, no matter how much money their relatives and friends pay the “priests” to have them set free.

Reality is that once people die and face their judgments, their choices and actions on earth will be the determining factor as to where they go. There will be no expensive or exclusive lawyers to plead their cases before Me, for they already made their choices and the same will designate their eternal abodes.

There will be endless multitudes who end in hell, both poor and rich together. All class determination will be dismissed, as well as race and religion. Those who were proud and contemptuous towards the poor, the colored, the religious will find themselves locked in with the same. Such imprisonment will prove to be greater torment and anguish upon them, for they never let go of hatred, rage, and pride.

Because of their own sins and attitudes, their torments will be increased, as they will have all of the same prejudices and contempt, and the ones they hated will be near to them. Although such ones will cuss and rant, scream and cry, plead and even beg, it will all be in vain, for they have made their choices.

While they lived carelessly, mocking My messengers and having contempt towards Me and My Son Jesus, they will bow and confess that He is Lord. However, their confession will only be an after-the-fact statement, because it will be too late for them to repent and be restored to Me.

So it is that the determination of destiny is in the hands of those who are alive at this time. They are choosing for My Spirit to guide them, or listening to demons and allowing the same to convince them they are right in accepting lies and rejecting truth. However they choose will decide whether they win or lose! Choose Me, and win!