Plagues Never Experienced Are Coming

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who is sending to people in their sinfulness plagues that have never been experienced upon the earth. These plagues will cause multitudes to die most painful deaths as their bodies will become twisted and deformed. In other plagues, people will have huge growths covering them from head to toe.

The severity of such plagues will be to demonstrate how people have so twisted My Word and even themselves because they have chosen to believe in demons rather than Me. I never intended for humankind to be under the rule of demonic powers; they have put themselves there, and their gender revolution has angered Me totally.

In order to show forth My wrath, I am sending forth such plagues as are not created by “mad scientists.” Rather, they are of Me, because I am so thoroughly disgusted with the rebellious. It has never been My intention for people to become so insane and profane as they are in these times. They are the ones who have chosen demons to rule them.

There are of course endless nations, tribes, and clans that I have destroyed for their persistence in perversion. Some of these were destroyed by plagues, and so it is now that I will be the One who is bringing forth such plagues upon people because they are desiring the same.

Be attentive unto Me and continue to partake of the goodness I have prepared for you, so that you can come forth ever uplifted and enabled to know that My way is the best. I do not find pleasure in such punishments as the plagues that I am soon to unleash. However, if multitudes continue down the road of destruction, I will help them along.

You see, when people push Me to the fullest extent of open and proud displays of their hatred for Me and My messengers, then I put them in their place. Literally, they will be plagued with punishments for their utter and complete abandonment to rebellion and rejection of My Son. They have chosen to serve other gods and given themselves to all manner of debauchery and defilement. The lower they sink in the cesspools of sin, the more repulsive they become before Me.

I have and I will continue to send them My messengers, calling them to repent, and the more they refuse, the more will be levied against them, both now and forever. The reality is that I do not tolerate men and women in their blatant wickedness forever, for the time comes when they are to face their doings, and cannot escape the punishments that I will levy against them.

I do not want those who are Mine to be found under these plagues, for truly, the sufferings will be extremely painful and punishing to the wicked flesh that the rebellious have so proudly exhibited in My face. I absolutely am not mocked, and I will mock the mockers. Yes, some will be covered in growths all over their ugly, deformed, twisted bodies, and they will find no balm of Gilead to give them relief from the same.

While the world is playing around with the variants of test-tube afflictions, what I shall bring will astound and confound them in all of their so-called knowledge and expertise. Many will attempt to pass off untested and untried vaccines, which will only intensify the severity of suffering.

The huge corporations such as the pharmaceutical drug industry and the medical industry will find themselves unable to cope with the new plagues that I shall send to punish them for their transgressions. Therefore do not be surprised when the governments of this earth will see such things and attempt to hide them because they are no longer in control.

Many deaths will be recorded as deaths of unknown causes or unexplained diseases. This is because humanity will not have names for the plagues that I am sending forth as punishments for all of the perversions they have sought out.

The more people are dying, the more the present wars and rumors of wars will seem as nothing by comparison. Throughout the earth, the cries and screams of the suffering will be heard, and some will go insane by just listening to such cries.

I do not want you to be confused, nor to weep in false human compassion for the ones that I am going to punish through plagues. Rather, I want you to realize that it is Me the Living God who is just in all of My judgments and that I send to peoples such as they deserve.

Therefore, be glad this day that you can serve Me in the midst of such severity and know that I keep My covering over you. Be glad that I will likewise be the high tower of strength and safety given to keep you during the terrible and terrifying times.

While men are accustomed to blaming each other, and nations go to war over useless demonstrations of pride and contempt, these plagues will not be the work of men or nations. They will be My demonstrations of disgust and repulsion with the filthiness and vileness that people have given themselves unto under the rule of demons.

Some will declare that they cannot help themselves from committing the sins they are daily bound in. However, they are slaves who do not cry out to be set free. I am warning you, who have an ear to hear, that I will not be accused of anyone of being unjust, for the ones who are so proud as to dare to accuse Me will be found under the very plagues that are coming to the earth.

Be thankful and respectful this day and every day, and do not listen to the demonic powers that want to lure you in. Be standing with Me and declaring My kingdom in the midst of the days of punishing plagues.