Repent, Be Accepted; Refuse, Be Rejected

I speak unto you this day and I declare plainly that the ones who truly repent are the ones who are accepted by Me. The ones who refuse to repent are the ones who are rejected by Me. This is because I am favorable towards those who are willing to confess their sins and be repentant over the same. The ones who prefer to keep their sins are rejected by Me because they are refusing the provision that I offer to them.

I literally do not hear the prayers of those who want only to put on a show of religion, while their hearts are far from Me and they are refusing to repent and likewise imagining they have no sins. To imagine that one does not have sin is falsehood and delusion, and those who are giving way to delusion and lies are taking on the covering of demons. They become cursed by their own choices, and I do not extend mercy to them, because they are choosing to be losing.

So it is that they will wonder why they are continually experiencing misery. It is because they have invited the same to bear rule over them. I do not want those who are sincere with Me to be under the covering of demons in any area of their lives. Rather, I want them to continually be repentant, that they are covered by My mercy and walk under the covering of My Spirit.

The Spirit that I have given for My people to be guided by is holy, and as they are partaking of the same, they will experience greater and greater joy. The joy that they partake of will prove how much mercy I provide and how much I strengthen them day by day. Those who are under My Spirit will be led forth and shown that it is Me the Living God who gives them not only mercies, but miracles likewise.

I do not desire that My people have a testimony of distress. I desire that My people have the testimony of victory that is given to them as they are adhering to Me as their Lord and Master. If you truly stop and consider, I do not want My people to be in delusion and confusion. I want them to be in the clarity of truth, and this is why I provide them the Holy Spirit.

When any people are repentant and found adhering to the guidance of My Spirit, then they will be actively partaking of the goodness that I do delight to give to them each day. Of course, it is being evidenced in these times very graphically that I am pouring forth upon those who have refused to repent My wrath, fury, and indignation, and they are being openly displayed for the fools they are.

When people are refusing to repent, they are choosing to be under the misery that comes when I reject such ones. These have grown proud and arrogant and live in the imagination that they are the ultimate. They are essentially the ultimate fools, who show their stupidity by rejecting the very provision that I have provided to humankind, and that is forgiveness of their sins. Without repentance, people are far from Me because they have chosen the same by choosing sin above righteousness.

Why should I be welcoming a people who are putting themselves in the class of the rejected? I want people to be classified as the accepted because they are not too proud to repent and change their ways as My Spirit leads them forth in the knowledge and relationship with Me that they are meant to have.

If you truly consider how dumb it is when people choose for death rather than life, no wonder they are in the class of the dumb, becoming dumber. Those who are rejecting the new life and the blessings in the same are ruled by their own carnality, which is fueled by demons.

My desire is not to destroy. However, when sin becomes so raging as it is in these times, then I send upon those who are determined to defy Me the fury that they deserve. I do this in order for others to stop and take notice that I am not blessing the wicked, but rather I am openly displaying My displeasure with them, for they are the ones who are in refusal of My way.

If you will stop and consider the inevitable consequences of rebellion, the ones choosing to refuse Me and rebel against Me are bringing misery to themselves. It is intended by Me that people would be accepting My provision of repentance, being found thankful unto Me for the miracles and mercies they receive. I want people to live in harmony with Me and to know that I have created for them a beautiful earth and to appreciate the same.

Yet, because of the conceit that is kindled in the human heart by demonic input, people are always imagining that they know more than they do. Then they set out to prove their superiority and they cannot, for they are deceived because they have chosen the deceit and the conceit above the truth and the humility that comes with walking in truth.

Therefore keep steadily looking to the leading and guiding of My Spirit and obey the same, that you be kept in these times when the proud are choosing to self-destruct by their defiance of Me. Know that in these times of serpentine twisting and perverting, My Spirit leads you in the plain path that is prepared for those who choose Me. Do not be living in corruption; be living in the course of My clarity and be found in the classification of the redeemed, repentant, restored, who have chosen My way.

It is left up to people to choose to win or to choose to lose. Those who are victorious will be praising Me for My glorious goodness to them. Those who are losing are found rejected because they have made their choices to lose.