Lost Leaders Bring Tragedy

I speak unto you this day and I say that lost leaders bring tragedy upon the people. People suffer from the traumas and dramas that erupt upon them as the consequence of leaders who are lost and do not want to find My way.

You are living in times when those who are in leadership are under the misguidance that is the consequence of choosing to listen to demons rather than Me. I do not want people to suffer as they are, yet because of the cruelty of leaders who have rejected My standards, the people are in ruination and total devastation.

Needless to say, such leaders as choose to listen to demons to guide them will take their followers into the ditches of despair and depression. Nations are constantly being destroyed by proud leaders who will not accept wise counsel from those who are not caught up in the traps of demonic invasion. It is being made globally evident at this time that the people are suffering, while the leaders are being cleverly guided by demons, who wait and watch for the destruction and damnation of souls.

Be aware that I likewise know the corruption and criminality of those who are meant to be the shepherds of My people. They care nothing for them and treat them with contempt and cruelty because of the hardness of their hearts and their refusal to be subject to Me. These men and women assume that I do not care if they abuse My children and cause them to sin by their laziness and refusal to correct and instruct My people in the way that I intend.

Leaders can and do lead My people right into the very sins that kindle My wrath, fury, and indignation. Then, the people who are sheep and lambs have been led by lost leaders right into opposition and rebellion against Me to the extent that they become false and deluded.

It is My intention that the ones who love Me would be led by true shepherds and given My light upon the path because it is Me that they want to please. If you stop and consider how deadly it really is when people are operating in the misconceptions and delusions that are so commonplace in these times, it is because their coverings take them there.

I do not want you to be found in such shape; I want you to be coming forth knowing that through Me you are being guided by My Holy Spirit. My Spirit will not guide you into confusion and chaos as those under lost leaders are being guided. My Spirit will guide and direct you into all truth.

The more that you desire to be under the mind of My Spirit, the more you will experience My peace in your lives, simply because My Spirit does not harm you as demon spirits harm their subjects. My Spirit shows you over and over that in and by trust in Me you gain all that I have intended for you to partake of.

It is actually a great privilege to be guided by My Spirit that you are kept from the many sorrows and troubles that are besetting the people of the world at this time. Do not be eager to trust in the voices of demons, for they are deceitful and want only to ensnare and entangle you in those places of destitution and despair.

The words of darkness always end in death and damnation. The words of My Spirit will bring forth light and life to those who are adhering to the same. If you truly want to be pleasing unto Me, do not be deceived by the cunning and crafty inventions and intentions of those who are workers of iniquity.

Know that you must not be led by lost leaders, for such ones bring total destruction to whoever will be yielded to them. I do not call My true ones to be accepting of everything that liars want them to believe. You must learn what it is to refuse, rebuke, and refute the lying lost leaders, because they are workers of darkness.

In the secular world, many troubles come because of proud and arrogant leaders who imagine they know it all. This is because pride brings delusion and delusion brings confusion, and many end up crazed by their absolute certainty that they are always right and never wrong. In order to keep up their facades of pretentious power, they are striving continually against Me and My true messengers.

The reality is that the world is full of liars and these liars are found in the worldly church of today that claims to be of Me. Know that in many religious establishments there is much striving and lust for power and money. I do not call you to lust for power; I call you to be satisfied because you are abiding in My Spirit and under the mind of the same.

Realize that your carnal mind is the enemy of My purposes and the same wants to dominate your lives. I do not want you to be dominated by the carnal mind, for the goal of the old nature is to regain control over you, that you end in corruption and the damnation of your souls is inevitable.

Therefore be aware that as you will look to Me as your Father and follow in the steps of My Son Jesus as the Holy Spirit guides you in the same, you will be given the truth and the light that you need each day. It is by and through adhering unto what I give to you that you are finding the pathway of light in these times of gross darkness and never-ending torments.

You are not to live in torment and cruelty. You are meant to live in the peace and mercy that I desire for My own. Therefore do not accept the false human compassion that will leave you in misery because you have followed lost leaders. Adhere to My Spirit mind and receive the mercies I give daily.