Embrace Endurance

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be willing to embrace endurance and not be impatiently waiting and looking for an end to the same. This is because I desire My people to learn what it is to endure steadfastly until the time that their journey on this sin-cursed earth is finished. If you stop and consider how many there are who are separated from My purposes because they fail to endure, it is truly sad to see.

This is because you are living in times when comfort is king, and people are impatient and wanting to hurry up with everything. However, that is not My way, for I do not discard My people. They discard Me, because they do not embrace endurance as a way of life.

I do not want those who are Mine to imagine that they know a better way than the way that I provide for them. The way that I provide is the way that will cause My people to be nourished and blessed because it is Me that they are looking unto as their source of refreshing and replenishing.

When you see the darkness that is obviously on the horizon, as well as the darkness that is currently present, do not give up in hopelessness and helplessness. Rather realize that it is imperative that you remain in the attitude of gratitude, and do not allow the demon forces to align you against Me as the One you are intended to serve with gladness and rejoicing.

If you carefully consider how important it is to be in obedience to Me, then you will not be as those who take off from the course that I have for them. Those who are in a race do not get off the track and take off in what they imagine is an easier way if they have expectations of winning or even finishing the race. Rather, they endure whatsoever it is that is hard and grueling in order to achieve the finish and do so in victory.

So it is that My people must learn what it is to not only endure, but to do so with gladness, because in the same I give them opportunities to proclaim My kingdom. As those who are serving Me, do not waste the endless opportunities that I give each and every day. Rather accept those opportunities and push onward.

There is no reason to give up and look for a cave of comfort to crawl into, for to do so is to undermine My abilities to give to you all that you have need of in any situation. The truth is that it is absolutely necessary that you endure in your endeavors to obey and serve Me.

Do not be as those who take a look at what is before them then do not calculate if they have sufficient to cover the cost of the same. Reality is that the cost of following in the steps of My Son Jesus is literally everything that you have and that you are, which must be laid on the altar of sacrifice in order to achieve the goal that you are meant to attain.

I do not find pleasure in My people when they are perpetually wanting to get what they imagine they want rather than what I purpose them for. I do not truly accept those who put on their shows of rote religion while their hearts are far from Me. Those who are putting on a show of religion while their hearts are far from Me are literally showing themselves to be foolish and fruitless. This is because they have chosen to remain immature and unstable in their commitments and covenants with Me.

It is My desire that those who are claiming to be true followers of My Son Jesus would walk in His steps and complete the course that I have set before them. In order to do so, they will abandon their rights to their own lives and embrace endurance, knowing that in the same there is strength and stamina to be gained from adherence to My kingdom principles.

Those who are impatiently fretting against Me are exposing their proud purposes for obedience to the old nature. I do not want My people to be involved in serving “self”; I want My people to be involved in serving Me and Me alone, for I will not fail to give to them exactly what they need.

The more that My people are attentive to Me, the more that I am attentive unto them. Therefore keep your focus on Me at all times and be knowing that you must embrace endurance as a way of life. It is by trusting in Me that you are given all that you have need of each and every day and directed and instructed in the truth and the light.

Do not grow weary and worn, but look to Me and believe that I do not call you to a task if I do not give to you all that you need to finish the job. Therefore know that as you come into My presence, there is newness of life every day for you as you keep on in the course I have put before you.

The prize is not for those who are putting on their proud displays then flopping out along the way and finding justification for their failure to endure. The prize is given to the ones who realize that through Me they can endure by embracing My will for them and continuing in the same.

The sooner that people lay down their lives and leave them in the place of death to self, the more they will see the necessity of embracing endurance. This day, take the time to encourage one another in this life, for the world will not encourage you at all. Be aware that in these times the world will hate you and speak all manner of evil against you.

Therefore, do not look to acceptance and approval by people. Look for continuance in Me and achievement of My intentions for you. To be counted worthy is a goal worth achieving, and likewise, to endure until the end is most essential to gaining all that you can in this life for the eternity that is ahead.